5 Steps of Transition to a Greener and Smarter Business with Clean Energy Solutions

Energy has been an integral part of the business since it is involved in every process from upstream to downstream supply chain. Particularly electrical energy, which is considered as the widely used form. However, many enterprises have faced difficult situations due to the increasing cost of electricity since 2021. According to the report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), 96% of businesses are struggling with uncontrollable energy bills. One of the significant reasons is resource depletion.

At the same time, the global mission of ‘Net-Zero’ has uplifted environmental concerns as an important issue. Many organizations are transforming themselves into a green business model to step into the carbon neutrality journey.

Therefore, Banpu NEXT, positioned as the long-term energy partner that strives to address the energy needs of consumers, includes 5 steps on how businesses can start an operation with the sustainability framework to help establish the direction shifting the company to becoming a ‘greener and smarter business’ as follows:

Step 1: Organizational Vision Is the Foundation of Sustainability
It is a wise strategy for environmentally conscious businesses to begin their pathway by adopting clean energy, which is derived from natural sources. Accordingly, solar energy becomes a steering of transition as it provides a new alternative that allows all business sectors to access the use of renewable energy effortlessly without harming the environment. However, before starting on actual practices, enterprises first need to have a clear vision for their organization, including values held and development goals, to establish policies and operational procedures. The principles of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) may be taken into consideration as well. All of these will strengthen the organization’s foundation for future growth.

Step 2: Embarking Accessible Clean Energy with Solar Roof
Nowadays, the consideration of energy costs has become paramount in the business landscape. With the ongoing challenge of rising electricity expenses, coupled with the advancements in technology that have led to decreased prices for solar panel installations, many businesses and industries find it viable to adopt solar power.

For entrepreneurs seeking opportunities for a green transition, they can introduce Banpu NEXT’s “Solar Solutions,” which provides a wide range of services covering from site surveys, system design, to the installation of smart energy generation by professional engineers. Additionally, we incorporate cutting-edge technology in both system installation and 24/7 after-sales service, allowing businesses to reduce organizational costs.

Step 3: Enhance Energy Efficiency
The organization’s operations also need to plan an energy management system to utilize solar cells most efficiently and cost-effectively. The Smart Energy Solutions from Banpu NEXT come with technology that allows businesses to track real-time energy usage via digital platforms. With a team of experts who will analyze the data and improve energy consumption to better meet the business’s needs. Additionally, enterprises can enhance solar energy productivity by implementing Smart Energy Storage that supports energy conservation. The batteries store electricity generated from sunlight to ensure continuous usage.

Step 4: Elevate Clean Energy to One-Stop Solutions
Smart organizational development should align with ESGs goals, placing an emphasis on long-term sustainability rather than just pursuing profits. At this stage, businesses may focus on reducing carbon emissions and minimizing the negative impacts on the environment. Besides the solar panels installation and the improvement of energy efficiency through Smart Data Analytics or energy storage batteries, businesses can make their green initiatives by adopting e-Mobility platforms that leverage technology developed alongside electric vehicles. This move can reduce costs and carbon footprint from logistics and transportation.

Moreover, proper waste management, facilitated by the Smart Waste Management system that includes waste sorting and increased recycling rates, not only cuts costs but also generates business revenue. Aligning operations with sustainability demonstrates social responsibility while enhancing the organization’s image, value, and trustworthiness among consumers.

Step 5: Clean Energy for Net-Zero Society
The goal of smart business also refers to pursuing a positive impact on areas: the organization, the environment, and individuals. To achieve these, collaboration from all sectors is required through an aim to bring progress to society. The intention to continue, along with practical actions, showcases entrepreneurs’ vision and business value, becoming a green business role model and a powerful motivator for others to follow your lead. Ultimately, the green and smart businesses will lead the transition towards a carbon-neutral society.

Banpu NEXT has intentionally become part of your positive changes. We proactively drive business growth by supporting all enterprises willing to contribute sustainable business development, step by step, with our tailor-made smart business solutions. Most importantly, we strive to create a greener future and promote environmental responsibility, bringing life betterment to all.