About Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd. (Banpu NEXT)

Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd. (Banpu NEXT) is a subsidiary of Banpu PCL, an international versatile energy provider. Founded on February 27, 2020.

Banpu NEXT is a leading smart clean energy solution provider in Asia Pacific with a vision of “Innovating Infinite Energy Solutions to All”, Banpu NEXT aims to create business growth in line with future energy trends and smart city development and respond to the lifestyle of modern consumers with customers in mind, Banpu NEXT employs human-centric and data-driven approach in combination with our energy expertise and technology at international standards to develop “Smart Energy Solutions” and provide smart energy management and solution systems that are reliable, cost efficient, eco-friendly and contribute to sustainable betterment of life.

Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd.

Banpu NEXT services

Banpu NEXT offers a variety of “Smart Energy Solutions TM” including smart-ware and digital platform for customers to efficiently utilize energy and enhance business efficiency while reducing the costs. The smart energy will be sustainable environmentally friendly. This is our strong commitment to drive Thailand towards “Smart City” through Banpu NEXT’s 5 Smart Solutions consist of:


Smart Energy Solutions of Banpu NEXT

Our Business Partners

Banpu NEXT consistently seeks technology partners and supports startups as a strategy to boost our business capability and build a strong business ecosystem. We have invested in leading companies in different industries, including Sunseap Group Pte. Ltd., a major provider of solar power solutions in Singapore; Durapower Holdings Pte. Ltd., a company specialized in the design, manufacturing, and system integration of lithium-ion battery technology for automotive vehicles and energy storage systems; Urban Mobility Tech Co., Ltd., a Thai startup that operates MuvMi Electric Tuk Tuk service, Haupcar Co., Ltd. Car rental service provider via application and G.E.P.P. Sa-Ard Co., Ltd., a Thai provider of waste management service. Through these partnerships, we hope to offer the best solutions to customers and work with government and other private organizations to drive towards Thailand’s smart city development with use of Smart Energy Solutions.