About Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd.


Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd. (Banpu NEXT) is a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited, a leading integrated energy solutions company in Asia-Pacific and Banpu Power Public Company Limited with equal shareholding of 50% each.

Established on 27 February 2020, Banpu NEXT is a new entity resulting from an amalgamation between Banpu Infinergy Company Limited (BPIN), an integrated provider of solar power system and smart city solutions and Banpu Renewable Energy Company Limited (BRE), a leading operator of renewable energy power plants in Asia Pacific.

As a result of amalgamation, Banpu NEXT becomes a leading smart clean energy solution provider in Asia Pacific that meets customers’ needs with innovation and expertise in energy technology at international standards for the sustainable betterment of life.

Main business under the operations of Banpu NEXT