Smart Energy Utilization

Smart Energy Utilization | Banpu NEXT

Banpu NEXT’s Smart Energy Utilization Solution provides total solutions of electric vehicles (EV) and EV fleet management services that respond to the specific needs of customers with choices of package., This includes a digital platform for EV car sharing and EV ride sharing to sustainably support our customer’s business goals, underlying the betterment of society and environment.

Why Is the Smart Energy Utilization ?

To be a part of driving Smart Mobility, one of the seven domains towards Thailand’s Smart City development, Banpu NEXT’s Smart Energy Utilization Solution or customized electric vehicle solution and total logistics management service come from the development of technologies, digital platforms, along with electric vehicles to help enterprise customers cut down logistics costs. This will be a great alternative for people with modern lifestyle in urban areas to commute. Its benefits include convenience as it is accessible via mobile application which you can plan your trips at reasonable price and it is also eco-friendly in a sustainable way.

Banpu NEXT’s offerings include consulting, designing, and producing or supplying electric vehicles. We also offer total solutions of fleet management service customizable for each organization under the concept of Mobility as a Service. We studied customer’s electric vehicle preferences and therefore supply electric vehicles or offer services suiting each organization’s business operation. Moreover, we combined hardware technologies with digital platform to improve organization’s fleet management efficiency. The offerings come with after-sales service to ensure of addressing all customer’s requirements.

Example of Our Smart Energy Utilization Solution

Thailand’s First Marine Tour e-Ferry

Banpu NEXT’s e-Ferry is Thailand’s first marine electric ferry

Banpu NEXT’s e-Ferry is Thailand’s first marine electric ferry which powered by clean energy from 625 kWh lithium-ion battery. The maximum passenger capacity for this ferry is 90 units and the cruising speed is 15 knots. Constructed with aluminum and special materials, this ferry is light. Therefore, it contributes to more energy-saving and fuel cost reduction. In spite of its airiness, the ferry is durable, safe, and rust-free. The e-Ferry helps reduce maintenance costs and is sustainably eco-friendly.

Banpu NEXT’s e-Ferry is steered by energy management system which controls, distributes, and utilizes the energy with utmost consistency and efficiency. This is to ensure that e-Ferry has sufficient energy throughout the trip with maximum energy savings.

EV Car Sharing Service

EV Car Sharing Service

Banpu NEXT partnered with Haupcar to provide “Banpu NEXT EV Car Sharing” service for customers who prefer to use the electric vehicles whether by hour, day, week, or month. EV Car Sharing service is convenient and secure customers as contactless pick-up and unlock the electronic vehicles via HAUP application for 24 hours.

To encourage clean energy utilization and offer alternative transportation choice with more convenience and environmental friendliness, we aim at creating Smart Transportation which people can conveniently and seamlessly commute according to their preferences. This is part of the Smart City development.

Ride Sharing Service

e-TuK TuK MuvMi

Towards Smart Mobility, Banpu NEXT together with UMT offers MuvMi Electric Tuk Tuk service, an on-demand and anytime transportation via MuvMi application and passengers can also share the rides with others. This service allows customers to save more fees and will lead to the most effective energy management.

MuvMi, the Electric Tuk Tuk uses 100% clean energy. Not only does it produce zero soot and pollution, but also it helps reduce PM 2.5. Banpu NEXT invested in lithium-ion battery for Electric Tuk Tuk and over 15 electric vehicle charging stations. More charging stations are being constructed for people’s more convenient and effective transportation.

At the moment there are over 1,000 services areas for MuvMi, the electric Tuk Tuk which covers 6 major routes throughout Bangkok. The routes are connected with mass transits namely buses, boats, trains, BTS (sky train), MRT (subway), and many leading department stores.

MuvMi, the electric Tuk Tuk is a convenient choice of transportation in Bangkok. It provides comfort and saves more costs for people and is also environmentally friendly for the world.