Smart Energy Storage

Smart Energy Storage| Banpu NEXT

Banpu NEXT’s Smart Energy Storage offers energy storage system development for numerous applications with a digital platform to control the energy production and energy storage which can ensure consistent availability and efficiency of electricity with minimized energy costs.

Why Is the Smart Energy Storage?

Electricity plays an essential role for people to live their lives and also for businesses in every industry. As both public and private sectors have diverse methods of energy utilization management, some industries which required 24/7 electricity consumption encounter high business operations costs. Also some businesses have to seek for alternative energy sources as substitutes as their plants are located in remote areas without electricity network coverage.

Banpu NEXT studied and developed Smart Energy Storage solution or energy storage systems which consist of high-quality batteries to provide energy generation and storage with efficiency and consistent availability of power supply. This is to ensure customers that these energy storage systems can help save more costs and provide sufficient power supply for 24 hours a day in every situation, even in case of emergency.

Smart Energy Storage

Nowadays entrepreneurs are capable of generating their own electricity using solar cells. They do not need to depend solely on government’s electricity networks. The Smart Energy Storage solution or energy storage systems can support numerous applications. For example, the application, together with solar system, stores renewable energy in form of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and collaborated function with smart grid or microgrid system. This solution was developed to help customers minimize their energy costs with efficient electricity management during on-peak times. The solution includes a digital platform that enables control of energy generation and storage to ensure their efficiency and consistent availability of power supply.