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Smart Energy Generation | Banpu NEXT

Banpu NEXT’s Smart Energy Generation Solution offers renewable power generation system installation service that comes with digital platform enabling real-time analysis for better energy generation, utilization, and cost-saving benefits. We also offer 24-hour after-sales service for customers. Our solution is suitable with large industries and businesses by allowing them to effectively reduce business operation costs and become more environmentally friendly in sustainable way.

โซลูชันฉลาดผลิต บริการผลิตและจ่ายกระแสไฟฟ้าจากพลังงานสะอาด

Banpu NEXT has been active in renewable power generation and distribution for more than six years and expanded our growing portfolio to strategic energy markets across Asia Pacific. Our investments include not only solar farms in China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and other countries in Asia Pacific but also wind farms in Vietnam.

In addition to a large renewable power plant, Banpu NEXT undertakes turnkey installation services for solar power generation system or solar solutions. Our various services include rooftop, carport, and floating solar solutions covering all industry types of nationwide namely schools, hospitals, factories, hotels, shopping malls, markets and gas stations.

Currently our renewable power generation capacity is over 906 megawatts throughout Asia Pacific*

*Information as of Q1, 2021


Full-Range of Installation Service for Solar Solutions

Banpu NEXT provides one-stop solar solutions and installation, with services ranging from site survey and system design and installation of solar system. All the services are provided with cutting-edge technologies by our specialized teams of engineers. To maximize customer care efficiency, advanced technologies are also introduced to our 24/7 after-sales service.

Banpu NEXT provides one-stop solar solutions


Best Tailor-Made Solar System for Every Location with Using High Quality Equipment and Technology

Banpu NEXT offers a tailor-made design of Smart Energy Generation solution or solar solutions system based on the requirements of each area with maximum benefits in effective solar energy production with the best budget. High quality equipment is used with a wide range of variety of modern equipment and support systems.

บ้านปู เน็กซ์ ออกแบบการติดตั้งระบบโซลาร์เหมาะสมกับทุกพื้นที่


Digital Platform with Real-Time Solar Solutions System Monitoring from the Company’s Control Room and Mobile Application along with 24/7 Professional After-Sales Service

Banpu NEXT provides consulting and service of solar solutions with Banpu NEXT’s professional Research and Development, engineer, digital technology, and customer service teams. The system is monitored real-time through the control room for each customer and in case the solar system installed encounters some problems, engineers and customer service team can promptly provide response and there is 24-hour call center technical assistance and support.
  • Monitoring ability to Invertor function level.
  • System error alert real-time.
  • Energy generation and consumption.
  • Site information.
Control room
Call center & After sale

Real-Time Self-Monitoring of Solar generation via Mobile Application

Banpu NEXT has developed an application for customers who installed the solar solutions system to check real-time electricity production from solar system via smartphone or tablet by themselves. This includes many other functions, such as cost-saving results, system failure alert, Company contact channel, and news update.

BANPU Application BANPU Application




Quality Assurance by Expert Engineers in Solar Solutions System

  • Minimum 2 times/year operation and maintenance service.
  • Using advanced technology for quality assurance and safety with drone and thermal scan for identification of solar cell defects
  • Inspection of solar system after installation by expertise in every steps.