Smart Data Analytics

Smart Data Analytics | Banpu NEXT

Banpu NEXT’s Smart Data Analytics Solution is energy consulting service for energy management and energy consumption analysis in terms of behavior and efficiency in parallel with providing advice and solution in energy management according to data analysis. The service will help customers to effectively utilize energy and reduce electricity costs. Customers can track real-time energy usage data via digital platform for the most effective energy management within the organization.

Smart Data Analytics Solution

Why Is the Smart Data Analytics?

Energy optimization and effective energy management are keys to the best operational cost management and will lead to competitive advantage for your organization. This is comparable to humans requiring health check-up, diagnosis, and advice on how to have the best health condition with proper health care plan.

Banpu NEXT offers analysis and consulting service in energy management to help enterprises better utilize energy. We have a team of experts both in energy and technology supporting customers in every process starting from system setup, energy data analysis, consulting, and evaluating energy monitoring and usage via advanced monitoring equipment and easy-to-use digital platform. This will contribute to efficient energy consumption and cost-saving benefits. We also offer a guideline for better energy management, enabling sustainable growth for the companies in the future.

In-Building Energy Monitoring and Analysis with Advanced Equipment and Technologies

Using advanced equipment and systems, the energy data are collected from the monitoring of energy consumption by electronic systems and devices in the buildings to analyze what needs to be improved. This is made in parallel with in-depth analysis of employee’s energy consumption measure and behavior to provide detailed evaluation and report on business’ energy consumption efficiency. The energy consumption data monitoring and analysis will lead to the most effective advice in solving problems for the organizations.

Energy Consulting Service Based on Efficiency along with Cost-Effectiveness and Saving Benefits

We provide energy consumption guideline for sustainable growth of companies. This comes with advice on maintenance or upgrading electric devices for better efficiency and necessity. We also offer online digital platform for real-time energy management and control. Banpu NEXT guarantees more energy saving results if customers follow the guideline. The organizations will receive summary report and energy consumption analysis all year round.