Smart Circular Economy

Smart Circular Economy | Banpu NEXT

Banpu NEXT’s Smart Circular Economy Solution provides waste management digital platform for commercial business that will help your business use resources efficiently and add value to the waste materials to meet operating under the concept of Circular Economy for maximum benefits helps protect the environment, but also it generates more revenue for the organization.

Why Is the Smart Circular Economy?

Banpu NEXT has formed our business partnership with G.E.P.P. Sa-Ard to provide solutions for waste management via online digital platform, particularly to commercial customers. The waste management system was designed to turn ‘Waste Littering’ into systematic and proper ’Waste Management’, starting from sorting wastes and recycling wastes for data collection and analysis before properly proceeding to the next step. From this waste management technology, customers will receive report of data and they can also track the data via application on how the wastes and recycling materials are managed, the benefits from waste management, and the returned revenue for them.

Smart Circular Economy Solution will enable effective waste management for your business. It will also reduce manpower and waste management costs, increase business revenue, and support sustainable waste management. This will lead to the surge of recycle rate, lower number of landfills, and reduction of Greenhouse Gas which are important factors to help protect the environment for the world.