The electric vehicle project is completed with real-time data management systems to increase efficiency of services and maintenance

Thailand Post Company Limited, in partnership with Banpu Public Company Limited (BANPU), launched the "Integrated Electric Vehicle Fleet Management Project for Freight-Parcel Postage Service" using electric vehicles powered by 100% electric power to implement the test-bed postage transportation in Bangkok metropolitan area, under the concept of sustainable transportation systems to reduce air pollution. The project aims to benefit from over 100 electric postal vehicles within 4 years and to push forward the “Smart Cities” development in Thailand.

Mr. Kalong Subsaart, Senior Executive Vice President (Regional Operation), Thailand Post Company Limited, revealed “Transportation is one of the crucial factors that causes environmental problem. Currently, the problem of concentrated particulate matter (PM 2.5) tends to increase continuously. Therefore, Thailand Post, as a logistics transportation agency involved in the use of transportation routes in our business operations, recognizes the importance of sustainable transport concept. As a result, we joined hands with the Energy Technology Business Group of Banpu Public Company Limited (BANPU), a leading integrated energy solutions company in Asia-Pacific, to launch the “Integrated Electric Vehicle Fleet Management Project for Freight-Parcel Postage Service”. Under this partnership, BANPU had delivered 100% electric-powered vehicles to Thailand Post in order to be implemented in the testing phase of the postal transportation service. The pilot electric vehicles used in the project include the electric vans with a driving range of 250-300 kilometers with a capacity to carry the load between 300 and 700 kilograms. These vans are experimented in the trial-runs in Khlong Luang District of Pathum Thani. In addition to that, the electric motorcycles with a range of 60-80 kilometers, carrying 30-80 kilograms of postage items, are also used on the trial-runs in Bangkok’s Samsen Nai routes. The project is a reflection of both organizations’ vision to develop clean energy technology in order to support the plans for zero air pollution, as well as to promote efficient fuel usage.”

“The experiments of the electric vehicles helped save the energy and reduced costs of maintenance and fuel consumption. This was based on the information that our pilot electric vans took only 4-6 hours to charge, while the electric motorcycles took just 2 hours to charge. Their fully-charged motors can be used for several days depending on the distance traveled. Thailand Post will also initiate research and development projects to promote energy conservation in postal transportation. We have embarked on providing suitable locations to install charging stations for electric vehicles in order to respond to the long-term plan to create maximum energy efficiency for the users. This latest partnership with BANPU has emphasized our readiness to be a national backbone of logistics, driving the digital economy and e-commerce business of Thailand, as well as pushing forward ‘Smart Cities’ development in the country,” Mr.Kalong added.

Mr. James Rama Phataminviphas, Chief Executive Officer of Banpu Infinergy Co., Ltd. said “BANPU is committed to expanding our business with a strict response to the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) principles. We strive to continue the growth of the Energy Technology Business Group under the ‘Greener & Smarter’ strategy. Therefore, this collaboration with Thailand Post in the flagship pilot project will help stimulate and encourage all sectors to pay more attention to the usage of clean energy, especially the green vehicles to help conserve energy and to reduce air pollution in the long run.”

“BANPU has developed the electric vehicle business under the concept of ‘Mobility as a Service’.  Regarded as the first provider of ‘Integrated Electric Vehicle Fleet Management’ in Thailand, we are completed with comprehensive solutions and one-stop services from consultation, understanding of usage needs and procurement of vehicles suitable for the operation of each organization, after-sales service with best quality for customers, as well as system integration of hardware and digital technologies, such as mobile applications for better efficiency in after-sales services. We are dedicated to respond to business operations in the digital age. To be a trusted partner of Thailand Post is an indication of BANPU’s strength and business potentiality. We have worked closely with Thailand Post to select electric vehicles that are suitable for the distribution of postage and parcel items. We focused on using the efficiency management technology that displays the transport results, the engine performance, and the real-time notifications. This enabled us to analyze the data in order to plan the preventive maintenance for the vehicles’ best condition. In addition, the system provides after-sales service with advanced technology at a reasonable price. Thailand Post is also planning to develop an application to increase the efficiency of the postage deliveries, in order to achieve speed, convenience and accuracy. The application will be able to track energy efficiencies and the rate of environmental friendliness from the transport rounds. We believe that this partnership will reinforce the concept of sustainable transportation. It is estimated that if Thailand Post uses electric 10,000 electric motorcycles within a year, it will help reduce the CO2 emission equivalent to planting more than 130,000 trees or equals to approximately 190 acres of forest, while reducing the costs of maintenance and fuel consumption up to 200 million baht per year.”

“Apart from this collaboration, BANPU continues to offer more variety of electric vehicles that are suitable for the operations Thailand Post, such as electric tricycles, e-trucks and e-trolleys. At the same time, we strive to focus on the research and development of cutting-edge innovation and clean energy technology, in order to provide products, services, and solutions that comprehensively meet all needs of every organization,” Mr. James concluded.

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