Electricity is an integral part of people’s everyday life as well as business and industrial operations and the entire economy in modern-day world. However, unmet electricity needs do exist in Thailand, such as in remote areas with no access to electrical grid, urgent on-site needs especially in disaster areas, or simply power failure due to unstable distribution network. As a leading smart clean energy solution provider in Asia-Pacific, Banpu NEXT has combined its expertise in energy business with clean energy technology and solutions to develop an off-grid solar power generation and storage system called Banpu NEXT e-PromptMove, introduced with prototype application as a trailer for the first time in Thailand. This concept trailer embodies key features of Banpu NEXT e-PromptMove system, including ability to mobilize even to disaster areas and off-grid regions, providing a speedy, convenient solution to electricity needs with its ability to generate, store and supply electric power to electrical equipment with great freedom anywhere and anytime. It also coincides with the uptrend of clean energy and helps reduce fuel consumption while promoting efficient, sustainable use of resources.


Mrs. Somruedee Chaimongkol, Chief Executive Officer of Banpu PCL. and Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., said, “Banpu NEXT is aware of unmet electricity needs in off-grid areas and in times of crisis. We want to help fix this pain point by making electric power quickly and easily accessible to all. As a Banpu subsidiary that operates with Greener & Smarter strategy, we use our extensive energy expertise and diverse energy technology and solutions to develop a prototype off-grid solar power generation and storage system, Banpu NEXT e-PromptMove. In its concept application as Thailand’s first trailer that generates and stores electricity from clean energy source, this innovative solution is highly mobile, ready to reach out to any places in need anytime, even in disaster areas. Our multidisciplinary team of researchers, engineers and specialists jointly conceptualized the solution and sourced the right technologies to put together in a well-thought design, aiming at a solution with complete features and safety in a compact form factor. Moreover, this trailer meets the standards set by the Department of Land Transport, and the system have undergone verification and test runs to ensure that it is ready to be used with full functionality and performance.”


Banpu NEXT e-PromptMove measures 2,300 x 4,500 x 2,825 millimeters (width x length x height) and has an overall weight of 3,000 kilograms. It embodies hardware and software designed to work together efficiently. Key hardware components are 12 lightweight solar panels with combined solar capacity of 4,320 watts, a high-performance lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) battery system, an inverter, and the trailer especially designed to fit the nature of work with rugged and durable construction and an interior display screen for electricity usage monitoring. Software components include energy management system with Internet of Things (IoT) integration to enable efficient control and processing of power generation and storage. This trailer is ideal as a mobile power station for off-grid regions and disaster areas as well as other missions that need of electricity support, such as field operations of mobile healthcare units and maintenance teams.


8 Key Features of Banpu NEXT e-PromptMove

  1. All-in-one solution for electricity from 100% clean energy source – With its complete components, Banpu NEXT e-PromptMove can generate, convert and store electric power all in one, using the sun’s radiation as source of energy and does not depend on fuels at all. Moreover, the electricity generated can be used efficiently with high stability.
  2. Reachable to any location and situation – The trailer is designed with mobility in mind and features a hitching system that couples it to any towing vehicle. The trailer can be maneuvered across water up to 90 centimeter in depth, certified IP55 standard rating for water and dust protection. Moreover, an interior air ventilation system makes it practical in disaster areas.
  3. Continuous power generation even in less sunny conditions – The trailer is equipped with tier-1 monocrystalline silicon solar panels that give the highest photovoltaic performance. Designed as an off-grid system, the trailer is responsible for 100% of its power generation and can generate power even in less sunny conditions.
  4. Power storage for nighttime use and emergency needs – Banpu NEXT e-PromptMove has built-in battery system, which enables it to store electricity and provide a continuous, stable supply of electric power for nighttime use. This battery system has a capacity of 34.4 kWh, which is enough to supply to 100 nos. of 5-watt LEDs lights for more than 68 hours.
  5. Real-time monitoring of power generation, storage and usage – Through an application, users can monitor functioning of the solar panels and battery system as well as detailed output and usage data, making it possible to plan electricity usage and system maintenance efficiently. Moreover, the application features comparative data of COemission reduced by this solar power system.
  6. High safety standard – All components of Banpu NEXT e-PromptMove comply with international safety standards. High-strength battery cells have high tolerance to temperature fluctuations, and if damaged, they will not burst into flames. The trailer features axle with suspension system. It is completely equipped with anti-short-circuit and residual-current devices as well as explosion protection and grounding.
  7. Easy operation – The solar panels can be folded away and unfolded using a remote control. The folding/unfolding movement is well-designed and features added safety from locking mechanism of an electric motor.
  8. More than 10 years of service life – The solar panels give more than 25 years of service life. The battery has a lifetime of at least 10 years or up to 10,000 charge-discharge cycles.


“With our solid expertise, energy technology and solutions and teams of experts, Banpu NEXT hopes to top up this prototype with added functionalities to meet specific needs of organizations and individual consumers, such as mobile healthcare unit and trailer home. Moreover, the capability of Banpu NEXT to develop clean energy technologies will extend far beyond this concept trailer. We will continue to combine all our capabilities to develop solutions and innovations to meet future energy trends effectively,” Mrs. Somruedee concluded.