Setting a goal of 5,000 charging stations by 2025 to complete the ‘Mobility As a Service’ (MaaS) 

EVolt Technology, a Thai tech startup, organizes the ‘Series A Raising Funds’ to close deals with Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., the leading smart energy solutions provider, to expand its fully integrated charger management platform. The company is ready to use digital technologies and applications to enhance work efficiency, with a goal of providing 5,000 charging stations throughout Thailand by 2025 as part of the ‘Mobility As a Service’ (MaaS) concept of Banpu NEXT.

Mr. Poonpat Loharjun, Chief Executive Officer of EVolt Technology Co., Ltd., stated, “This fundraising event marks the business connection of Banpu NEXT with EVolt Technology. We aim to enhance business potential together by using the strength of Banpu NEXT, the leading smart energy solutions provider in the Asia-Pacific, to expand business solutions in future industries that focus on technology and innovation, also known as the New S-Curve. This partnership will help create more sustainability and lead to more collaborative projects between the two companies. Furthermore, it also assists EVolt Technology in expanding the company’s competitiveness in both domestic and international markets by leveraging our expertise in technology and platforms, as well as the strength of our Engineering & Development team to bolster the development of Banpu NEXT’s business to be more comprehensive.” 

With a commitment to consistently developing innovations and solutions that satisfy the demands of all consumer groups, EVolt Technology is poised to become Thailand’s first provider of E-Mobility, an electric drive solution for the automotive, electrical, and electronic industries, besides being the leader in the most comprehensive electric vehicle charging system service in Thailand. 

We provide a total solution that includes charger supply, comprehensive platform and soft management, and charger installation by a team of skilled engineers and technicians. We are available to provide advice and solve problems for customers 24/7. We currently have 300 charging stations, including gas stations, office buildings, condominiums, restaurants, shopping centers, leading community malls, and so on.

“We believe that this strong partner synergy will provide a solid foundation for EVolt Technology to become a tech startup that can grow sustainably and push forward the development of E-Mobility to drive the Future through our complete ‘Total Solution’ and highly specialized team,” Mr. Poonpat added

Ms. Kanokwan Jitchobtham, Senior Vice President - E-Mobility, Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., revealed, “Banpu NEXT, Thailand’s first fully integrated alternative mobility service provider in the form of ‘Mobility As a Service’ (MaaS), intends to empower leading Thai startups operating in travel-related and smart mobility companies. EVolt Technology, a company that specialized in management platforms for charging stations, will contribute to the fulfillment and expansion of business operations, as well as the strengthening and expansion of Banpu NEXT’s E-Mobility business ecosystem. This collaboration will make it easier for consumers and businesses to get access to electric vehicles by covering all types of traffic systems and meeting all needs. We are ready to respond to the Sharing Economy trend, which includes ride sharing and mobility sharing services, fleet and charger management, and after-sales services.”

Today, the world's leading tech startups recognize that future energy trends will be impacted. The electric vehicle business is being transformed by smart and clean energy technologies. Choosing smart energy will aid in the completion of the ecosystem more quickly. Meanwhile, it will serve to drive the economic and social dynamics to pay more attention to the environment, which is an important mechanism that will lead to the continuing development of a prototype Smart City in Thailand. This collaboration between EVolt Technology and Banpu NEXT is part of an endeavor to provide a comprehensive tech solution that covers all of the needs of the E-Mobility industry.