Moving forward with enhanced after-sales service using IoT technology in ‘BANPU’ app, highlighting a new feature to monitor real-time electricity


Bangkok – Banpu NEXT, a Banpu subsidiary and a leading smart clean energy solution provider in Asia-Pacific, showcases highlight business achievements in 2020 by securing a considerable amount of solar-rooftop and floating solar installation projects in the Asia Pacific region, with a total energy generating capacity of more than 225 megawatts. In Thailand, Banpu NEXT has closed several deals with large corporate brands from different industries, including Tribeca Enterprise, Betagen, UOB Thailand (Chiang Mai–Highway Branch), Toyota (Sukhothai Showroom), and many more. These domestic projects gross an energy output of over 38 megawatts altogether. To extend the solar customer portfolios to cover all business sectors, the company has upgraded the after-sales service and mobile application with the use of IoT technology to increase efficiency and develop new feature. Customers can now monitor the electricity consumption of solar-grid power, national power grid and battery systems in a real-time manner. In line with the growing tendency of solar projects, Banpu NEXT aims to continue winning new customers for 2021, as well as driving additional projects among the company’s existing customers.


Mrs. Somruedee Chaimongkol, Chief Executive Officer of Banpu PCL. and Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., reveals “This year, Banpu NEXT continues to gain the trust of customers, who are leading companies from various industries, as their go-to installer of solar-rooftop systems. Therefore, we have secured solar-energy customers throughout Thailand, covering all industry sectors from industrial estates, hotels, factories, hospitals, department stores, food and beverage, petrol stations, educational institutions, markets, automobile showrooms, and financial branches. Also, we have initiated the installation of solar power generation systems on floating buoys in Thailand for the first time this year.”


Banpu NEXT is not only a provider of solar power installations but also serves as a clean energy consultant offering a wide range of complete solutions to meet the discerning needs of all customer groups. Bringing expertise with hands-on experience in domestic and international system installation, we come up with solutions appropriate for the area and energy usage of each organization, whether it’s solar-rooftop, solar carport, solar farms, or floating solar systems. In addition to this, we provide other services regarding fully integrated energy technology, such as the use of IoT (Internet of Things) to control the system operation to enhance best-in-class after-sales services.


To highlight achievements in 2020, Banpu NEXT managed to close several business deals for both solar-rooftop and floating solar segments in Thailand, with an energy output grossing over 38 megawatts. Those among considerable numbers of new customers include Tribeca Enterprise Co.,Ltd., Betagen Co., Ltd., UOB Thailand (Chiang Mai–Highway Branch), NS - Siam United Steel Co., Ltd., Boat Plaza (Phuket), C. N. I. Engineering Supply Co., Ltd., Eijitech Co., Ltd., PMC Label Materials Co., Ltd., to name a few. The company has also expanded the installation scale for existing customers, such as FN Outlet, Susco petrol station at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, and Summer Lasalle Project. As for the international business, Banpu NEXT has extended the customer base to achieve a generating capacity of over 187 megawatts altogether. Apart from this, we have enhanced the after-sales services by improving the BANPU application earlier this year. With an added feature to enable real-time monitoring of electricity operation on sites, customers can now keep updated with their electricity consumption (Energy Flow) and electricity generation, from the solar systems, power grid and battery systems. Furthermore, customers can use this information to compare and analyze the electricity consumption efficiently, as well as to follow up on the production results and the system’s use of electricity 24 hours a day. Through this singular app, customers can also view the electricity bill in real-time, get the maintenance reports, or receive notifications immediately in the event of system malfunction.


“If we combine the total capacity of all sites with solar systems installed by Banpu NEXT, we can help reduce more than 168,500 tons of carbon (CO2) emissions per year or the equivalent of planting more than 9,800 million trees. Through our renewable energy initiatives, we help organizations increase their energy efficiency while reducing energy costs sustainably. Consequently, in 2021, the company will continue expanding our customer base, which at the moment, we have secured many prospects in the negotiating pipeline. Meanwhile, we are committed to offering multiple energy solutions and pushing all sectors to use more clean energy in a much complete cycle. These efforts are considered another supporting force in building the ‘Smart Community’ for organizations who are our customers. At the same time, it is a driving force for Thailand’s ‘Smart City’ initiative in response to the economic trend to achieve low-carbon footprints, in line with the government policy to promote the use of renewable energy,” concludes Mrs. Somruedee