Solar rooftop installation with a digital platform for the most efficient use of energy


‘Banpu NEXT’ has paced up to enter the medium-sized business market to support enterprises in the current economic era, with a new solar installation package. Our so-called ‘Smart Package’ or the package for ‘Smart Energy Generation’ or solar rooftop comes with added benefits to reap unique value. The company encourages enterprises to invest smartly to increase profits for the business and reduce electricity costs in the long run. By installing a fully integrated solar rooftop system that meets the standards ‘Smart Package’, the system will enable instant usage of solar electricity. Therefore, the larger size of installation, the more value of money will be received for the business. Testified by our current customers, the solar package can reduce electricity bills up to 60%* or more than 2 million baht per year*. In addition, Banpu NEXT provides a team of experts to take care of every step of the installation while the digital platform will analyze and monitor the operational system. Customers can also keep track of the electricity usage in a real-time manner while ensuring that the professional after-sales service team would have you covered 24-hour a day.


Banpu NEXT, a subsidiary of Banpu PCL., is a leading Smart Energy Solutions provider in Asia-Pacific. The company forecasts that the trend of installing solar rooftop in the business and industry sectors will rise in the second half of 2021. This may be due to three factors, including (1) the trend of sustainable business development following the SD and ESG principles; (2) the improved economic and industrial outlook from the progress of vaccination**; and (3.) the measures to reduce costs and tightened business budget for the post-Covid-19 economic era. These factors will prompt enterprises to look for solutions that help enhance their businesses to be more environmentally friendly and reduce the business burden, especially the electricity bills. As a result, Banpu NEXT recommends enterprises invest in installing the ‘Solar Smart Package’ for solar power generation systems or Smart Energy Generation, which is one of Banpu NEXT’s Smart Energy Solutions that answers to the need of saving electricity costs, creating sustainability for businesses, and conserving the world.

Banpu NEXT has upgraded its solar rooftop installation package into a ‘Smart Package’ (fully invested by customer) to expand the customer base. The medium-sized businesses with electricity bills starting from 150,000 baht per month or more are advised to install this package which highlights increased benefits of more value from the more extensive installation size and the instant generation of solar electricity. Our current customers using the package have testified up to 60%* reduction of electricity bills or more than approximately 2 million baht per year*. Furthermore, the installation investment will pay itself back within 6 years* while the equipment is of the first-tier quality standards. Free equipment warranty is offered for up to 12 years and free system and equipment maintenance service is guaranteed for 3 years.


In addition to the ‘Smart Package’, a ‘Signature Package’ (fully invested by Banpu NEXT), which is another option for enterprises in all industries is also available for customers. Sign up your interest at or for further information, contact our call center 02-095-6599. 


*Terms and conditions apply.

*Results depending on electricity consumption behavior and the installation size of each business.

*Investment and payback period depending on installation size and limitations for each project.

**Reference Industry Index: April 2021


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About Banpu NEXT

Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited, is a leading “Smart Energy Solutions” provider in Asia-Pacific with a vision of “Innovating Infinite Energy Solutions to All”, The company aims to create business growth in line with the future energy trends, smart city development and respond to the lifestyle of modern consumers. With customers in mind, Banpu NEXT employs human-centric and data-driven approach in combination with our energy expertise in clean energy solutions, hardware, software, and digital platforms to strengthen our business ecosystem. The company has developed “Smart Energy Solutions”, consisting of Smart Data Analytics, Smart Energy Generation, Smart Energy Storage, Smart Energy Utilization, and Smart Circular Economy, to provide smart energy management and solution systems that are reliable, cost efficient, eco-friendly and contribute to sustainable betterment of life.