Banpu NEXT, a flagship business of Banpu PCL, the leading smart clean energy solution provider in the Asia Pacific, unfolds its five-year business roadmap under ‘Greener & Smarter’ strategy and drives clean energy technology to build new S-curve for its five core businesses: Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, Energy Trading, e-Mobility and Smart Energy. The company is increasing investment and expanding its customer portfolios across all the key business groups both in the domestic and overseas markets in support of BANPU’s strategic goal to increase EBITDA contribution from greener energy and energy technology business to above 50% by 2025 to keep abreast with future energy trends in the ‘never normal’ era.


Mr. James Rama Patmindaraviphas, Group Senior Vice President - Energy Technology, Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., said, “Banpu NEXT has made a strategic business plan or a 5-year roadmap (2021-2025) by implementing the ‘Greener & Smarter’ strategy and the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance principles or ESG from BANPU Group to drive the organization in all dimensions through 3 main strategies as follows: 

  1. Data driven for designing solutions by focusing on human centric, customer needs and pain points to analyze, develop, and create solutions that meet the needs of business operations. We create added value for customers’ businesses, respond to trends in energy consumption and consumer behavior in the future while creating sustainability for business, society, and the environment.
  2. Moving Forward the strategic investment by studying new business opportunities, growing business partnerships, and supporting talented Thai startups to strengthen the business ecosystems and create exponential growth.
  3. Proactively drive business growth in all solutions (2025 EBITDA Growth). To increase its share in BANPU’s EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization), Banpu NEXT will continue to grow customer portfolio, boost clean energy capacities, and accelerate development of new products and services towards its business goal, especially in flagship businesses namely Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, Energy Trading, e-Mobility and Smart Energy. At the same time, the company will consistently expand its business across Asia Pacific region.”


Mr. Chanit Suwanparin, Senior Vice President - Customer Experience, Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., said, “Smart Energy is an important piece of the jigsaw for Banpu NEXT. We have therefore strategized our products and marketing to build new S-curve for the company with a plan to develop five Smart Energy Solutions and a greater variety of new services. At the same time, we have introduced advanced digital technologies such as AI, big data and smart cloud computing as the key enablers, which will equip customers with the ability to manage clean energy efficiently and in real time on an integrated data platform.


Smart Energy Solutions will be the growth agent for two areas of development: 1) Smart Community and Smart City Development, with evidence of our recent success including ‘Smart Campus’ development at Rugby School Thailand in Chonburi, launch of the first e-Ferry for marine tourism in Thailand and contribution to ‘Smart Safety Zone’ development in Phuket; and 2) Sustainable Business and Industrial Development by offering End-to-End Smart Energy Solutions on a digital platform complete with 24/7 after-sales service, which is our unique selling point.”


“Banpu NEXT is confident that the five-year roadmap will pave way for our company to rise as the leader in clean energy technology and drive robust growth for our business. By 2025, we aim to increase our renewable energy capacity across Asia Pacific, including solar and wind power, to a total of 1,600 megawatts from our current capacity that is comprised of 824 megawatts* from solar and wind power plants and 249 megawatts* from solar rooftop, solar carport, and floating solar. Moreover, we will increase our energy trading volume to 1,000 gigawatt-hours, spur growth of Durapower’s high-quality energy storage business and leverage its capability in catering our energy solutions to the demands of customers. In e-mobility business, we will strive for more well-rounded development by increasing our ride-sharing coverage to 50,000 service points and grow our car sharing service network to 5,000 sharing stations, in addition to our increase in the number of charging stations and improvement in after-sales service. Besides, we plan to increase our smart city and smart community development to nine projects, from five projects at present*,” Mr. James concluded. 



*Information as of second quarter of 2021.