Stable power generation-storage-supply system available for areas without electricity

As Thailand’s first private enterprise, ‘Banpu NEXT’ introduced the all-in-one ‘Microgrid’ system, which generates, stores, and supplies electricity from its decentralized units. The microgrid system, which is new model under Banpu NEXT's new Smart Energy Solutions for Sustainability, provides 100 percent clean energy, enabling electricity cost reductions, lowering pollution, and boosting business sustainability. This system will improve the stability of electricity usage throughout the day by utilizing high-quality materials, command, and control functions with automation via a digital platform, and accurate real-time monitoring. The design of the microgrid can be tailored to the needs of each customer. Furthermore, Banpu NEXT offers consulting services prior to installation as well as after-sales service to meet the needs of hotels, resorts, and private businesses on remote islands, or in off-grid regions, as well as industrial groups that rely heavily on electricity 24 hours a day. The pilot project focuses on ‘Mali Resort’, which has been upgraded to become the first ‘Eco Resort’ on Koh Lipe, using clean energy from a fully integrated microgrid system, lowering energy costs, and creating sustainability for businesses, communities, and ecosystems.


Electricity is a critical factor in the economy, industry, and households. However, in some areas of Thailand, electricity is still unavailable or insufficient for consumption. As the leading “Smart Energy Solutions” provider in Asia-Pacific, Banpu NEXT, a subsidiary of Banpu, has developed smart energy solutions that are ready to help create business sustainability and a cleaner planet at the same time. The company combined expertise in all types of solar system installation and high-efficiency energy storage systems together with digital technology to create the ‘Microgrid’ system, a new model of smart energy solutions for sustainability.

The microgrid system from Banpu NEXT is a power grid system that can generate, store, and supply electricity in a single system that can operate independently without relying on the main power grid or can be connected to the main grid system. It is regarded as a stable alternative source of electricity with high flexibility. The solar system generates electricity for consumption during the day. If the electricity is excess, it is stored entirely in the battery for using when the electricity produced by the solar system is insufficient, or during the night. This allows for the backup of electricity for 24 hours per day. This system can be utilized as the primary source of electricity, an emergency power supply, or an auxiliary power source in conjunction with the main power grid. This allows electricity to be used efficiently and continuously without interruption, making it suitable for use in hotels, resorts, or private businesses on islands without or insufficiency of electricity, which frequently face the problem of high energy costs and insufficient power sources, causing the electrical system to be unstable. Banpu NEXT can design a system that is most efficient in meeting the needs of each customer’s electricity usage. Furthermore, the system is intelligently managed with a digital platform (Energy Management System) that can monitor the system’s operation in real time and accurately, including monitoring energy generation and consumption, system condition, cost-saving and reducing CO2 emissions results.


A pilot installation of a fully integrated microgrid system was recently completed at the ‘Mali Resort’ on Lipe Island, Satun Province, which is an island resort that prioritizes environmental conservation while creating sustainable business growth. The project intends to reduce reliance on diesel generators for electricity, assist the resort in operating with electricity, and welcome tourists in a sufficient and continuous manner. At the same time, it can reduce energy costs, carbon emissions, and generate sustainability for the island’s businesses, communities, and ecosystems. Currently, the resort’s customized microgrid system can reduce energy expenditures by up to 30% per month, save up to 1 million baht per year*, and reduce CO2 emissions by more than 90 tons per year. The resort is ready to be upgraded as a model eco-resort, which will add value to the company and create a selling point to attract more tourists.

Banpu NEXT offers a comprehensive range of services, ranging from analysis and consulting prior to installation, designing a system that meets the needs of customers, to after-sales service that is supervised by a team of experts 24 hours a day, with free maintenance services for the system and equipment for up to 5 years (2 times / year) and a 5-year system warranty. Sign up your interest at or for more information, contact call center at 02-095-6599.


*The rate of savings is determined by the installed system model and the amount of use by each business.


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