Special promotion with limited offer! half payment for the service fee in 2nd year of customers’ service contract*.

‘Banpu NEXT’ is introducing a new ‘Smart Data Analytics’ service that provides Smart Energy Consumption Analytics with accuracy on digital platform, plus energy saving guidelines tailored for each enterprise customer by energy management experts, which can guarantee up to 30% saving on energy consumption* by following the guideline. The service enables enterprise customers to monitor their energy consumption in real time, 24 hours a day with service fee starting at just 12,000 baht a month*. As a special promotion exclusive to enterprises in Bangkok Metropolitan Region, get half payment for the service fee in the second year of service for the first ten customers who sign up for this offer and sign their service agreements within October 31, 2021. 

Banpu NEXT, a subsidiary of Banpu PCL., is a leading Smart Energy Solutions provider in Asia Pacific. The company develops service solutions to meet the demands of future energy trends, providing guidelines that will enable energy saving and contribute to sustainable business growth of the customers. The company has just launched Smart Energy Consumption Analytics, a new service that monitors, analyzes, and provides guidelines on efficient use of energy. The service is offered as part of Smart Data Analytics solution, which is one of Banpu NEXT’s Smart Energy Solutions.

Smart Energy Consumption Analytics provides end-to-end service by expert in every process, ranging from 1) consulting and evaluation to tailor the service based on customers’ needs; 2) Design and install IoT sensor for real-time monitoring and accurate data; 3) data collection on digital platform with real-time display on digital dashboard, which enables customers to monitor and compare energy consumption behaviors and benchmarks for 24/7; and 4) insightful energy consumption analytics* and reporting complete with energy management guidelines for optimum energy efficiency and saving. This service is currently available to enterprise customers based in Bangkok Metropolitan Region, especially those with monthly electricity cost of 50,000 baht or more and wish to gain insight into their organization’s energy consumption behavior for analysis and energy efficiency improvement optimization.


Banpu NEXT offers two annual service packages as follows.



  • Smart LITE is designed for enterprises that wish to monitor their overall energy consumption or compare energy consumption of different branches or different business operations that are structurally similar. Ideal customers are enterprises that pay 50,000 baht up to 150,000 baht for electricity per month. With service fee starting at 120,000 baht a year or 12,000 baht a month, customers can expect 5% up to 20% saving on energy consumption by following expert guidelines provided through this service.
  • Smart PLUS is ideal for enterprises that need in-depth monitoring and analysis of their energy consumption, such as regulated factories and buildings that are required to prepare annual energy management report, especially those whose monthly electricity bills range from 150,000 baht to 1,000,000 baht a month. Its service fee starts at 200,000 baht per year or 19,000 baht per month. By following expert guidelines provided through this service, the customers can enjoy 10% up to 30% saving on energy consumption.


In addition to this new service, Banpu NEXT provides a variety of total Smart Energy Solutions to help customers improve their energy efficiency and save their costs with a sustainable approach.

As a special promotion! the first ten enterprise customers who sign up for this special offer and sign a contract for this new service by October 31, 2021 can enjoy half-price service fee in the second year of their service contract. To learn more or sign up for the offer, go to https://bit.ly/PR-SignUp-Smart-Energy-Consumption-Analytics or contact call center 02-095-6599.


*Terms and conditions apply.

*Results may vary based on electricity consumption behavior and compliance to the expert guidelines.

*Metrics in Smart Energy Consumption Analytics differ according to customer’s chosen package.


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