Pollution-free, lower energy cost, in line with new tourism trends.

Banpu NEXT continues to introduce e-mobility to water tourism in response to sustainable tourism trends by launching Banpu NEXT e-Boat, a new Smart Energy Utilization solution offered as part of Smart Energy Solutions for Sustainability. Targeted at water tourism sector, the new e-Boat highlights high quality material and battery as well as 100% clean energy, pollution-free, odorless, and noiseless propulsion system with high safety standards. It enables up to 85% saving on energy cost in comparison to conventional tour boats of similar size. Moreover, maintenance cost can be reduced for better long-term value on investment. Its on-board space allows configurable layout design to fit intended use. The e-Boat comes complete with Boat Operation and Battery Monitoring System, warranty, and after-sales service, making it a solution that address the needs of businesses and tourists in every aspect.


According to Banpu NEXT, a subsidiary of Banpu PCL., sustainable tourism is on a rising trend as travelers across the world increasingly prioritize eco-friendliness. Meanwhile, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched Amazing New Chapters, a new tourism concept that seeks to attract international visitors with amazing destination experiences from superb, high-quality, and socially responsible products and services*. As a leading smart clean energy solutions provider in Asia Pacific, Banpu NEXT develops and promotes e-mobility in support of tourism, especially the water tourism sector. The company believes that technology is a key to upgrading Thailand’s tourism development towards international excellence, in line with future tourism trends and the needs of tourists in the new normal. 


Back in late 2020, Banpu NEXT introduced Banpu NEXT e-Ferry as the first e-ferry for marine tourism in Thailand. The e-Ferry is now in service in southern tourism destinations. That success is today extended with the launch of Banpu NEXT e-Boat, a small-size tour boat measured at 8.36 meters in length and 3.60 meters in width. It has a cruising speed of 7 up to 12 knots. The layout design of its on-board space can be configured for multiple purposes of use, making it suitable for various types of business. Priced at 5.5 million baht, this new e-Boat comes with 2-year warranty for e-Boat and propulsion system, 1-year warranty for electric system, 1-year after-sales service (two scheduled maintenance per year), and 1-year accident insurance.


Banpu NEXT e-Boat is packed with special features: 1) 100% electric propulsion system makes it eco-friendly, pollution-free, odorless, noiseless, energy efficient and help reduce fuel cost; 2) high quality lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery provides a long lifespan of more than 10 years and made of fiberglass, providing lightweight, strength, durability and rust-free benefits 3) at speed of 10 knots (18.5 km/h), it gives about 3 hours of battery life or a range of 55 kilometers; 4) quick charging to full charge in 1 up to 2 hours; 5) Boat Operation and Battery Monitoring System enables efficient long-term maintenance; and 6) the design can be customized for intended purposes of use, suitable for tour and travel business, passenger boat, ferry business, guest service transportation by hotels and resorts, and water activities, etc.


Banpu NEXT e-Boat enables up to 85% saving on energy cost compared to conventional tour boats of similar size. With a Banpu NEXT e-Boat, 11,000 liters of fuel can be saved per year, an equivalent of 300,000-baht saving on fuel cost**. This will also reduce 24 tons of CO2 emission per annum, which is equivalent to planting 150 trees.


As a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) provider, Banpu NEXT designs and develops various types of electric vehicles to meet specific needs of customers’ businesses. With coverage of both land and waterborne transport, the company provides one-stop services ranging from consultancy and planning to design, production and after-sales service under close supervision in every process by dedicated teams of experts in each area, resulting in mobility innovations for tourism business with great value on investment. For more information, please sign up at https://bit.ly/BanpuNEXT_e-Boat_website or contact Call Center 02-095-6599.


*Source: Amazing Thailand, Amazing New Chapters

**Based on an approximate fuel price of 30 baht/liter 


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