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 Enhanced safety, reducing pollution and at a friendly price


‘Banpu NEXT’ and ‘UMT’ joined to promote the use of 'Smart Mobility' by increasing the number of 'MuvMi’ Electric Tuk Tuks (e-Tuk Tuk) to 100 units and expanding the service coverage to 6 popular districts throughout Bangkok. The 'MuvMi’ e-Tuk Tuk provides a convenient way to travel with an on-demand service responding to a call made by the passenger at any time they want without waiting for the timetable. There is a ride-sharing system which allows passengers who travel in the same area to be grouped together. The service is easy to use via the MuvMi app, enabling convenient transportation, which connects to the public mass transit system in Bangkok. The 'MuvMi’ e-Tuk Tuk helps reduce air pollution and has a friendly price. The service is suitable for people of all ages, with a starting price of only 10 baht. Furthermore, passengers can be confident on their trips with the stringent COVID-19 preventive measures. The 'MuvMi’ e-Tuk Tuk demonstrates the application of Banpu NEXT’s ‘Smart Energy Utilization Solution’ in response to the new growing way of urbanite commuting. The service areas of 'MuvMi’ e-Tuk Tuk will be extended to cover more than 2,000 points within this year-end.  


Mrs. Somruedee Chaimongkol, Chief Executive Officer of Banpu PCL. and Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., revealed that “Banpu NEXT, a subsidiary of BANPU, operates under the Greener & Smarter strategy. We transform our businesses into the future to achieve the 'Smarter Energy for Sustainability'. We provide a complete range of ‘Smart Energy Solutions’ while building a strong business ecosystem with partnerships in various industries. In addition, we give a helping hand to support startup businesses. Our partner, Urban Mobility Co., Ltd. or 'UMT' is a Thai startup providing the advanced MuvMi e-Tuk Tuk service. The company aims to support Thai people to have a better way of life, which is a concept in line with our commitment. We believe that this cooperation will help strengthen both of our businesses, while driving startup companies to achieve sustainable growth, and converging to offer services that make life betterment for everyone.” 


Miss Kanokwan Jitchobtham, Senior Vice President – E-Mobility, Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., further commented, “The on-demand travel trends, the ride-hailing service through mobile apps, and the ridesharing movement continue to gain popularity. Banpu NEXT, as a leading smart energy solution provider in Asia Pacific, we have joined forces with 'UMT' to push forward the use of Smart Mobility, which is one of the 7 areas of Smart City development1. This joint effort is to propel the development of Bangkok into a complete Smart City. We continue building the awareness of the 'MuvMi' e-Tuk Tuk service, a project which is promoted as one of the 'Smart Energy Utilization Solution’. The number of MuvMi vehicles has been increased to 100 units and we are the investor for this project. Banpu NEXT has acquired lithium-ion batteries from Dura Power and installed charging stations. There are currently 15 stations and this year, we will continue to install 30 more stations to cover all service areas to support the increasing demand for the services. This project expansion will create a new dimension of commuting between important districts in Bangkok.” 


Dr. Krisada Kritayakirana, Ph.D., Chief Executive, Urban Mobility Tech Co., Ltd., said that “I am honored to have Banpu NEXT support the company and jointly promote the use of smart mobility to Thai people. UMT is the administrator of all services for the MuvMi e-Tuk Tuk, which are 100% clean energy vehicles that help save energy, emit zero pollution, and reduce PM2.5. The ride-sharing service is in line with the preference of modern people living an urban lifestyle. These people appreciate innovation and often choose products and services that are worthwhile and friendly to the environment. Users of MuvMi e-Tuk Tuk involves all genders and ages, such as pupils, students, office worker, and the general public. Until today, we have operated over 1 million rides, covering the service areas more than 1,000 points in 6 routes throughout Bangkok. The routes operated include 1. Chula–Sam Yan, 2. Ari-Pradiphat, 3. Phaholyothin–Ladprao, 4. Rattanakosin Island, 5. Nana-Asoke-Phrom Phong, and 6. Kaset-Senanikom, all of which conveniently connect to mass transport, such as bus, river express boat, BTS, and MRT trains, enabling customers to reach their destinations with ease. Besides, we have integrated the Internet of Things (IoT) to control the energy usage, speed, routes, car’s location, the time waiting for the service in a real-time manner, as well as the total distance traveled. With good feedback from the customers, we are responding to a growing demand for the service by expanding the service areas to cover over 2,000 points, along with an increase of the vehicle number to 200 units within the end of this year.”


“To use the MuvMi e-Tuk Tuk, consumers can choose an on-demand service to call whenever they want. The starting fee is only 10 baht. You can easily book a car by just download the MuvMi app and register with your phone number. Then, you can call for the service immediately. To build confidence and to lessen the concerns about COVID-19, we have put in place preventive measures, such as reducing the number of travel companions and sit with a social distancing space, cleaning the car thoroughly, and providing alcohol sanitizer on all cars. Our health-safety measures have been certified by the SHA2 hygiene safety standard as well,” Dr. Krisada added. 


“We believe that this service is an interesting transport choice for Thai people to use more clean energy vehicles, as well as to drive Thailand into the Smart City. We estimated that with the use of 100 MuvMi e-Tuk Tuk for a year, we can save up to 336,000 liters of petroleum and reduce as much as 560 tons[1] of carbon emission, an equal of growing 93,200 trees[2] (470 rais4),” Miss. Kanokwan concluded.


If you are interested in the MuvMi e-Tuk Tuk service, you can download the MuvMi application at

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[1]Remark:    The seven elements of Smart City development include Smart Governance, Smart Energy, Smart Mobility, Smart Environment, 

                    Smart Living, Smart People, and Smart Economy.  

2Remark:    SHA stands for Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (


4 Source:


About Banpu NEXT

Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited, is a leading smart energy solution provider in Asia-Pacific. The company aims to create business growth in line with the future energy trends, human centric approach, and the Smart City development concept. In response to the lifestyle of modern consumers, Banpu NEXT have gathered knowledge and expertise in clean energy solutions, intelligent software, and smart platforms to strengthen our business ecosystem. The company has developed ‘Smart Energy Solutions’, consisting of Smart Data Analytics, Smart Energy Generation, Smart Energy Storage, Smart Energy Utilization, and Smart Circular Economy, to encourage all sectors to use clean energy in smart and comprehensive manners. We are committed to delivering a sustainable betterment of life, reliable, cost efficiency, and eco-friendly from end to end. 


About Urban Mobility Tech

Urban Mobility Tech Co., Ltd. (UMT), On-demand ridesharing EV micro transit that is affordable, clean, safe with global trend of urbanization and megacities, mass transit system. With the reasonable price of other on-demand transit, MuvMi has served over 1 million passenger trips with over 100 EVs since 2018. The highlight of the MuvMi Electric Tuk Tuk is an AI-powered car management system that connects routes, drivers, and customers with real-time information. The system takes the data for analysis and makes the sharing system most efficient. Banpu NEXT has invested approximately 32% in the UMT shares.