Banpu NEXT is extending success of smart safety zone project it previously developed for two communities of Phuket by introducing ‘Smart Safety Platform’, a Smart Data Analytics & Energy Management solution under the umbrella of Smart Energy Solutions for Sustainability. As an end-to-end security solution for businesses, Smart Safety Platform adds up a host of smart features to meet business needs for security and performance improvement, simple and quick data management and long-term capability to create added values and revenue increase to business. With strengths of a digital platform, it provides quick, accurate data analysis and enables real-time monitoring on its dashboard and mobile application remotely anywhere and anytime. The solution will appeal to enterprises from across business sectors in addition to government agencies related to security and tourism.


Mr. Chanit Suwanparin, Senior Vice President - Customer Experience, Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., said, “In 2021, our Smart Safety Platform was piloted in two communities of Phuket, namely Thalang Road connecting Rommanee Alley and in Rawai Sub-district (Municipality Office and Promthep Cape). It boosted security management capability of the two areas across surveillance, COVID-19 situation management and monitoring of environmental threats, resulting is greater confidence of the residents and visitors. This year our development of new Smart Energy Solutions for Sustainability continues. Using our energy expertise and technology, we have developed “Smart Safety Platform” for businesses, addressing business needs with newly added security features and performance improvement for quicker and more accurate operation and management with our end-to-end services. Data are collected and analyzed to ensure well-rounded system design that meets specific needs and solve issues of each customer. Choice of devices with internationally recognized standards are used together with technologies that enable quick and accurate data collection, processing, and analysis, plus system dashboard and mobile application for easy monitoring, management, and control from anywhere at any time, providing both historical and real-time data on single platform. Moreover, it comes complete with 24/7 after-sales service and support.”


On Smart Safety Platform, security hardware work in conjunction with AI and IoT technologies intelligently. Its system design can be customized to specific needs and business premises, making it ideal for different types of establishments including department stores, community malls, industrial estates, educational institutions, hospitals, residential developments, and hotels. The platform gives three key business advantages: 1) Security Performance Improvement – Using CCTV and AI technology, it enables face recognition, non-mask wearer detection, and smoke detection, License Plate Recognition (LPR) with blacklist feature, and Emergency Call: SOS for timely alert, prevention and response of security staff, for example, and thus allows businesses to save management costs and provide better safety assurance to visiting customers; 2) Data Management – AI-powered CCTV system analyze in-store views of supermarket, for instance, using big data including customer traffic, on-shelf product counting and best-selling products at different times of day, etc. for better product/service development, marketing activities and sales promotion based on customer insights gained; and 3) Revenue Increase – Department stores and supermarkets, for example, can use data to develop new services or businesses that address unmet needs of customers, resulting good impression of the customers and better opportunity for repeated purchases or use of service that will translate to revenue increase, long-term profitability, and better company image in terms of security management, in line with smart city development for better quality of life.


“This Smart Safety Platform is currently being installed at Wichit Sub-district Municipality in Phuket, and we are also exploring business opportunities with industrial estate and property development customers. The platform will create added values to businesses along with contribution to urban development for better safety and quality of life of people to help Thailand drive tangible results in its smart city development,” Mr. Chanit concluded.


Business entrepreneurs interested in the Smart Safety Platform sign up at or contact call center 02-095-6599.


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