Banpu NEXT, a leading smart energy solution provider in Asia-Pacific, continues to grow its business portfolio in response to future energy trends by acquiring all shares of Engie Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (ESTH), a leading provider of energy management service in Thailand. The investment will enable Banpu NEXT to diversify its offerings in Energy Management System (EMS) and Smart Energy Solutions to achieve well-rounded ecosystem development with extensive coverage from sourcing, installation and maintenance devices and technology for enhancing energy efficiency such as compressed air and cooling systems in factories and buildings. Upon completion of the acquisition, Banpu NEXT will take charge of service operations for existing customers of ESTH seamlessly and immediately offer the services to new prospects with efficient energy management system, digital platform and highly experienced team of experts from ESTH. With the services targeted at factories and commercial properties, this investment will pave way for business expansion to overseas markets and will expectedly drive growth by leaps and bounds.


Mr. James Rama Patmindaraviphas, Group Senior Vice President - Energy Technology, Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., revealed, “ESTH acquisition is a strategic investment under our ‘Greener & Smarter’ strategy. The market for energy management system is an upward trend in Thailand and globally. Moreover, the national energy plan announced by the government is promoting adoption of technology and innovation for energy efficiency*. Electricity consumption in industrial and commercial sectors in Thailand currently exceeds 130,000 million kWh per annum**. If electricity consumption can be saved by 10%, the money saved will be more than 45 billion baht. At Banpu NEXT, our customer portfolio currently spans across leading companies in numerous industries, including petrochemicals, chemicals, automotive tires and commercial properties. In addition, we have also extended to solar power systems and E-Mobility platforms to address the needs of customers who would embrace technology to help optimize electricity utilization in their organization.”


ESTH is specialized in energy management in buildings and factories. Officially registered as member of the Thai ESCO Association, ESTH has strong expertise in high-standard energy management system and design.


“This investment will enable us to integrate the know-how and human resource strength of ESTH into the expertise in clean energy and energy technology of Banpu NEXT for future development of new energy products and platforms to help entrepreneurs in every industry sector enjoy better energy efficiency, lower energy cost and sustainable business growth. It will also pave way for our business development in district cooling system that has strong growth potentials in Thailand, as well as expansion of our services to overseas markets,” Mr. James concluded.


*   Thailand’s National Energy Plan

** Thailand’s energy sales in 2020, EGAT (Combined industrial and commercial electricity consumption is estimated at 70% of total consumption)


About Banpu NEXT

Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Banpu PCL., is a leading “Smart Energy Solutions” provider in Asia-Pacific with a vision of “Innovating Infinite Energy Solutions to All”. The company aims to create business growth in line with future energy trends and respond to the lifestyle of modern consumers. With customers in mind, Banpu NEXT employs human-centric and data-driven approach, combining our expertise in clean energy solutions with energy technology and hardware to develop “Smart Energy Solutions for Sustainability”. Comprising of Smart Data Analytics, Smart Energy Generation, Smart Energy Storage, Smart Energy Utilization, and Smart Circular Economy, these solutions serve as the growth agent for our five business groups—Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, Energy Trading, E-Mobility and Smart Energy—through which we provide end-to-end services with great value for money, reliability, and eco-friendliness to support sustainable development of all businesses.