Banpu Infinergy promotes the generation of electricity through solar energy by installing 12,000 watt Off-Grid Solar Floating with 25,000- kilowatt-hours battery to store the solar power throughout the day and supply at night. It was specifically designed in the floating lotus flower shape to blend in the ambience of Sukhothai Loi Krathong and Candle Festival 2018 taking place at Sukhothai Historical Park.

Bangkok 22 November – With the Banpu group’s commitment to conduct business under its Greener & Smarter’s strategy, Banpu Infinergy Company Limited, a one-stop service provider of total solar energy solutions with advanced technologies and a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited, a leading integrated energy company in Asia-Pacific, and Sukhothai Treasure Resort And Spa jointly launched the exclusive eco-friendly trip “Energize yourself with natural energy”. The purpose of this trip is to raise public awareness about the use of renewable energy as an effort to preserve environment sustainably through the solar energy usage. Sukhothai Treasure Resort and Spa is equipped with environmentally-friendly facilities including organic farm and solar system installed by  Banpu Infinergy Company Limited. In addition, Dissakul Prasitruangsuk (M.D.) , from MasterChef Thailand Season 2, the owner Facebook page EAT Matters: by หมอตั้ม, was invited to showcase his cooking through the use of solar energy, bringing local ingredients to mix together in fusion style. The trip ended with the wonderful annual festival of Sukhothai, a Light & Sound performance with delightful colors and mixed media, which Banpu Infinergy contributed its solar energy to some parts of the festival area.

Start to go green by embracing the natural energy at Sukhothai Treasure Resort And Spa, which is by surrounded with the green rice fields and the trees.  Mr.Wiwat Tharawiwat, Managing Director of Sukhothai Treasure Resort And Spa said: “Our specialty lies in our eco-consciousness instilled in all details of the resort. All details were specifically designed to provide all guests with eco-living experience. The installation of standard solar system by Banpu Infinergy makes our hotel to be the first hotel in Sukhothai that use solar energy.  In addition, we also have a wastewater management system that provides the recycled water for our organic farming “Treasure farm”. The organic farm in our hotel that yields various natural products ranging from riceberry to crop, fruit and solar-dried banana.  In keeping with the eco-consciousness of the hotel, apart from providing guests, locals and foreign tourists with an eco-living ambience, we also aim to place ourselves as a model hotel that brings renewable energy  to run  the business”

Another highlight is the exclusive menu that still represents an eco-living practices through the use of solar energy in the cooking process. Dissakul Prasitruangsuk (M.D.) or Chef MorTum from MasterChef Thailand Season cooked both creative main dish and dessert, consisting of “Fusion Sukhothai noodle” with the finely cooked ingredients, served with grilled river prawn and complemented with dessert, “Riceberry Pudding,” hand-picked from the organic Riceberry grown at Treasury Farm in the resort, a perfect treat for all health lovers.

Ms. Kanokwan Jitchobtham, Managing Director of Banpu Infinergy Company Limited said: “As one of the leading companies with the mission to steer the national development in energy under the Government’s Energy 4.0 scheme and drive towards creating new energy innovations, Banpu Infinergy is honored to advocate for installing the solar system at Sukothai Treasure Resort and Spa. This could fulfill the company's commitment to empower Thai people and their communities to obtain easy access to renewable energy. It also allows them to witness the light in trails for every tread more widely and sustainably from Banpu’s energy innovation. This starts from the use of natural, eco-friendly solar energy that can contribute to drive Thailand to become the smart-city faster in the future."

This eco-friendly trip ends with one-of-a-kind experience of Sukothai Loy Kratong and Candle Festival held at the Sukhothai Historical Park, which shows the true identity and rich culture of Sukothai through the performance, the sound, the light and the mixed media. At the event, Banpu Infinergy also support solar energy for ticket kiosk and the lighting, The electricity was generated from the innovative Off-Grid Solar Floating, 12,000 Watts with 25,000 kilowatt-hours battery to store the solar power throughout the day and supply at night, specially designed in the floating lotus flower shape to blend in the ambience and the historic building of cultural heritage site. As the exclusive feature of this Sukothai Loy Kratong and Candle Festival, Banpu Infinergy has brought its experiences and expertise in installing the solar system with designing the captivating light show in the form of floating lotus flower, a perfect combination between the traditional culture of Sukothai and the innovative invention of modern technology.