The ambience of  Pepsi Presents Big Mountain Music Festival 9 -  Banpu Infinergy  provided portable solar panel system  and Energy Storage System :ESS for solar electricity generation to support smartphone charging during the festival, making it the first time in Thailand that  these  systems were implemented at a national music festival.

Bangkok 11 December 2018 - Banpu Infinergy Company Limited, a one-stop service provider of total solar energy solutions with advanced technologies and a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited, a leading integrated energy solution company in Asia-Pacific showcased its expertise and experience in microgrid energy innovation by supporting electricity generation from solar energy during Pepsi Presents Big Mountain Music Festival 9 held on December 8 and 9, 2018. The microgrid energy innovation, one of Banpu’s smart city solutions, was incorporated to facilitate smartphone charging during the festival, making it the first time in Thailand that these systems were implemented at a national music festival. In doing this, it caters to the needs of festival-goers by allowing them to charge their smartphones throughout the day and night. Thanks to the large-scale battery energy storage system, multiple devices can be charged simultaneously at the station.

Moreover, Banpu Infinergy also offered Solar Mobile Charging Kiosks installed  at  5 different areas around the festival venue, providing a convenient way for festival-goers to charge their smartphones and preventing any interruptions while they enjoyed the show. The aim of supporting the off-grid system, a self-generated, standalone solar power system which is not reliant on other energy sources, is to provide access to power for isolated areas with no electricity supply and encourage the general public to take part in reducing carbon emissions.

Due to the overall charging service and lighting system provided by Banpu throughout 48 hours at the festival, it is estimated that 250 kilograms of carbon emissions were reduced. Since the activities were organized outdoors, it allowed festival-goers to take full advantage of solar energy which is clean, eco-friendly and infinite. This caters to the lifestyle of the young generation in the Thailand 4.0 era, who always carry smartphones with them, meaning that the energy source for smartphone charging is indispensable during an all-night music festival like this.

This implementation showcases the success of Banpu Infinergy in bringing portable solar panel system (Banpu Solar Box) and energy storage system (Banpu Energy Box) to a national music festival where large and highly-effective energy storage unit that can be further applied in other cases in the future, especially festivals or venues where electricity supply is unavailable or insufficient.

Banpu Infinergy is the first company in Thailand that implemented these two systems in order to promote the most effective way of using energy under the concept “Dare to be Different with Clean Energy for the Future”. This concept is in line with Banpu’s strategy Greener & Smarter that can drive Thailand towards a smart-city future and move the country towards more sustainable energy use.

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*Note: Microgrid is the electricity system that can operate independently without the reliance on the grid. It consists of various types of electricity generation systems, including energy storage system and energy management system.