IoT technology applied to control and data processing systems to optimize energy efficiency.

The Energy Technology Business Group of Banpu PCL (BANPU), a one-stop service provider of modern and integrated solar power systems with diverse expertise in energy technology, continues to build growth to its energy technology business through ‘Greener & Smarter’ strategy that aims to introduce clean energy technologies to leading organizations in Thailand in support of their sustainable and eco-friendly business operations. To wrap up year 2019, the company today announced its partnerships with two leading companies—IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. who operates IMPACT Muang Thong Thani convention and exhibition center, and for Rayong Star Co., Ltd.—to install solar rooftop systems with a combined capacity of 2.6 megawatts on buildings and car parks of the two partners.

Mr. James Rama Phataminviphas, Chief Executive Officer of Banpu Infinergy Co., Ltd. revealed, “As a leading integrated energy solutions company in Asia-Pacific, BANPU builds business growth in alignment with the clean energy trend and ESG principles that take account of the environment, society and governance. While driving our sustainable growth, we strive to provide clean energy innovations and technologies to help strengthen operational sustainability of customer organizations through our ‘Greener & Smarter’ strategy. BANPU leverages our 36-year experiences in energy business to offer solar power solutions that meet operational needs of organizations, highlighting our leadership in cutting-edge energy technologies and our capability as the one-stop service provider. These include installation of solar rooftop systems with high-standard equipment and professional supervision of our experts in every step, the capability to optimize system efficiency based on individual restrictions of each customer, and availability of add-on services with a diverse range of energy technologies, such as electric vehicles (EV), energy storage and management systems, and solar accessories. IoT (Internet of Things) technology is also used to ensure efficient after-sales service and support for operational efficiency of businesses in the digital era, such as development of a mobile application that enables customers to monitor their solar power system’s performance in real time. Data linkage to the control system makes it possible to collect, process and analyze clean energy usage data accurately, which enable proactive energy management and planning. For example, more solutions can be offered as options to add values to customers’ business, increase energy efficiency of each site, and reduce energy cost for a long run. Moreover, the service packages are offered at reasonable prices and the entrepreneurs can have a system installed for them without having to invest themselves.”

Through the year 2019, BANPU has been entrusted to provide solar rooftop systems, both for buildings and car parks, to many leading companies. These include installation for Summer Lasalle, the first fully-fledged office campus development by Bhiraj Buri Co., Ltd. in Sukhumvit – Bang Na area; Suanluang-Samyan development of the Property Management of Chulalongkorn University (PMCU); CGH Hospital Saphanmai; and all locations of FN Factory Outlet PCL. BANPU most recently announced its partnerships to install solar rooftop systems at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani convention and exhibition center in Nonthaburi for IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. and for Rayong Star Co., Ltd., a leading operator of hotels, accommodations and commercial properties in Rayong Province. Both companies have chosen the Signature Package, in which they can enjoy free installation and after-sales services through the contract periods as per following details.

  • IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. has signed an agreement to install solar rooftop systems on three buildings with a combined capacity of 1,061 kilowatts. This is divided into 594 kilowatts at Challenger Hall and 316 kilowatts at P2 parking building that have all been completely installed in October this year, and 151 kilowatts to be installed on P3 parking building with expected completion and readiness to begin power generation in August 2020.
  • Rayong Star Co., Ltd. has signed an agreement to install solar rooftop systems on three buildings with a combined capacity of 1,609 kilowatts. This is divided into 964 kilowatts at Star Market Rayong, 261 kilowatts at Star Convention Hotel, and 384 kilowatts at Star IT Center. Installation at all the three properties have already been completed and begun to generate clean energy.

“BANPU’s portfolio of solar rooftop customers currently spans across various industries, including hotels, hospitals, commercial properties, retail businesses, petrol stations, and educational institutions, etc. This reflects that more and more entrepreneurs in Thailand are giving increased priority to sustainable operation by shifting to a cleaner source of energy to contribute to environmental conservation, save energy and smartly cut down the operating costs of their organizations. Until November 2019, the installed capacity of solar power systems provided by BANPU to our customers have already grown above 7 million kilowatts per hour. This is equivalent to planting 200,000 trees, a reduction of 7 million liters of water used, and a reduction of 3,600 tonnes in carbon dioxide emissions,” Mr. James Rama concluded.