Concept design of solar accessories developed and built by Banpu Infinergy

Following invention of the first solar cell about six and a half decades ago1, the ongoing development of solar technology has brought solar energy to numerous applications, ranging from space industry’s use aboard spacecrafts through to things that are more relevant to our everyday life, such as rooftop solar systems and solar farms as an alternative or supplementary source of energy to others. In addition to its clean energy advantage, solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on earth with availability of more than 10,000 times the world's total energy use2. Solar technology and innovation are therefore a focused area of energy development in many countries worldwide as a high-potential source of power for greater convenience and living comfort of the people.

Ms. Kanokwan Jitchobtham, Managing Director of Banpu Infinergy Company Limited, a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited, a leading integrated energy solutions company in Asia-Pacific said, “Being in tropical zone, Thailand is an ideal part of the world in terms of solar power generation, resulting in growing interest of organisations and homeowners in rooftop solar systems as an eco-friendly energy solution and a cost-efficient investment in the long run. Many of them, however, may be unaware that today’s solar technology comes available in a much greater variety than just home and factory rooftop panels, making it much easier for consumers in 4.0 era to have solar power generated for the needs in more specific situations. For example, some everyday objects are designed with built-in solar panels to supply solar power for the needs of their users. Even solar-powered kiosks have already become available today.”

Energy Technology Business Group of Banpu is a one-stop service provider of solar systems and smart city solutions. Driven by Banpu’s “Greener & Smarter” strategy, the company strives to meet energy demands of consumers, communities and the society with a sustainable approach. Therefore, to provide technology updates to general public, Banpu is showcasing some innovative solar accessories created as part of solar systems and smart city solutions for its clients, to help them built a well-rounded ecosystem of clean energy that also offers optimum energy efficiency.

3 Brilliant Solar Accessories That Make Modern-day Life Easier Than Ever

  • Solar Kiosk is a versatile kiosk that allows design customisation for intended use, plus energy advantage from its on- and off-grid capability. In off-grid mode, the power supplied to electrical fittings, equipment and other usage needs via this kiosk is purely solar-generated, allowing it to be used as a solar-powered mobile charging station, retail shop, pop-up box office, etc. In addition to design possibility for various functions, Solar Kiosk offers superb installation flexibility in terms of space.
  • Solar Add-ons integrate solar technology into objects to give them extra values, smarter functionality and better benefits. A notable solar add-on innovation is the Solar Chair installed at Rugby School Thailand, an international school that features Banpu’s smart city solution. Found at the school’s reception area, this Solar Chair lets parents charge their mobile devices or fulfill other needs for electricity while waiting for their children, using the solar power generated by this special chair.
  • Banpu Solar Box and Banpu Energy Box – When unfolded, Banpu Solar Box becomes an arrangement of power-generating solar panels. It can be connected to Banpu Energy Box that serves as an energy storage unit for night-time needs. Both of them are ideal solutions for places with no or insufficient access to electric power grid. Example scenarios include outdoor working sites in remote areas where team members would need to charge their mobile phones to maintain normal communication, or as a secondary power system on islands where basic electricity generation capacity is insufficient to meet the demands. Moreover, Banpu Solar Box and Banpu Energy Box can be used as a mobile source of power in emergency relief operations for disaster-struck areas.

“With technological know-how, strong team of experts and comprehensive range of services that we have in place, Banpu’s capabilities in solar accessory development will keep growing, in line with our commitment to the continuing development and innovation of solar technology. By adding creative ideas, the Solar Kiosk may spawn further into clean energy café, for example, while the range of Solar Add-ons will definitely expand into many other applications. At Banpu, our design and innovation are focused on meeting specific needs of each client across solar systems and smart city solutions. That is why we are entrusted as the solar energy partner of our clients in various business sectors, including educational institutions, industrial companies, fashion outlets, petrol stations, hotels and hospitals, etc.,” Ms. Kanokwan concluded.

Companies and entrepreneurs who are interested in solar systems and smart city solutions can visit or contact the company’s customer relations via number 02-095-6599 or email contact@localhost.