More and more companies and business owners today are embracing the idea of clean energy, prompting them to turn their attention to solar energy systems as a solution through which they can, in addition to cuts in energy bills from operation, contribute to sustainable development and be friendlier to the environment. Energy Technology Business Group of Banpu is a one-stop service provider of total solar energy solutions and smart city solutions, has four forethoughts to share to them to help assure that their chosen solar energy system would bring long-term values of investment, sustainability and accurately meet the power needs from their business standpoints.

Ms. Kanokwan Jitchobtham, Managing Director of Banpu Infinergy Company Limited, a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited, said “Companies across business and industrial sectors are today realigning their strategies and operations in favour of corporate sustainability—a modern-day approach that extends its areas of focus to society and the environment in addition to customary dimensions of doing business. While more and more companies are adopting clean energy in a bid to materialise their sustainability goals, solar energy systems emerge as an increasingly popular solution due to their eco-friendliness and business advantages that companies could gain from better resource management efficiency and cuts in operating costs.”

Energy Technology Business Group of Banpu, driven by “Greener & Smarter” strategy, is committed to providing clean energy innovations that offer affordable, reliable, eco-friendly, modern functionality and excellent service to meet energy demands of consumers, communities and the society with a sustainable approach. In addition to solid contribution to full-fledged development of smart cities in Thailand, this endeavour is supportive to the government’s policy to lead the nation into “Thailand 4.0” era. As the one-stop service provider of total solar energy and smart city solutions, the company is therefore sharing out four useful tips to help companies and business owners ensure smart choice and proper preparation in their entry into solar power.

Four Things To Know Before A Solar Rooftop Go-ahead

  1. Solar rooftop 101

Solar energy systems also as known as solar rooftop systems, are engineered to generate electricity from solar panels mounted on the rooftop of a building. When irradiated with sunlight, these solar panels produce direct current electricity (DC), which is converted into alternating current (AC) by an inverter to feed a usable power supply into the local electrical network of that building.

  1. Preparation and data analysis for optimum system capacity

Preparation for a solar energy system include gathering information about energy use behaviour of the business in order to analyse the system and other requirements as well as budgeting for the project. An overview of electricity needs can be estimated from electricity bills over the past twelve months in combination with electrical single-line diagram and electrical load profile. Physical readiness of the building to be considered include size and strength of the building’s roof structure. With these pieces of information analysed, calculation of electricity generation capacity can be more accurate. Besides, the companies or business owners must seek approval for solar energy system installation from relevant authorities, which involves presentation of documents like the building’s construction permit, roof structural drawings and its calculation, etc.

  1. Expert system design and installation bring peace of mind

Solar energy systems may look simple on the outside, but having one installed is a process to be done by the experts we cannot just mount solar panels on the roof and expect the power supply to be available to us. Specialised engineers will examine the premises and tailor the system layout and design to each site. These include number of solar panels that will provide optimum capacity in relation to the roof’s mountable capability. Companies and business owners should therefore seek the services from a provider with high expertise and the ability to customize the design and capacity for their needs. A respectable provider will suggest only quality devices and components, such as monocrystalline solar cells that use high-purity silicon as base material, resulting in superior photovoltaic performance than other types currently available in the market. Besides, the experts will make sure that solar panel installation is optimised and the roof space is fully utilised for the best photovoltaic performance and cost efficiency.

  1. After-sales service is the key

The life expectancy of solar panels is up to 25 years for efficient power generation. However, maintenance and care of the panels as well as overall functionality and performance of the entire system through their lifespan remain one of the most important decision factors for companies and business owners regarding choice of solar energy system providers. This will reassure long service life of the systems and the value of investment to enjoy in long run.

“For long-term sustainability, companies and business owners should be sensible about their solar energy systems right from the choice of provider through to sales and after-sales services. Energy Technology Business Group of Banpu has enhanced our after-sales operation with cutting-edge technologies, including advanced control room staffed with engineers to monitor customers’ solar energy systems and round-the-clock call centre representatives to whom customers can report their technical issues and seek assistance 24/7. Besides, ‘Infinergy Application’ mobile application is a smart service developed for users of our solar energy systems, allowing them to review electricity generation data of their systems, total energy saved, and even provide real-time alerts of any system issues that require their attention,” Ms Kanokwan concluded.

Companies and entrepreneurs who are interested in solar energy solutions and smart city solutions can visit or contact the company’s customer relations via number 02-095-6599 or email