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Through 24 hours each day, Banpu NEXT is readily available for customers, bringing together teams of experts on standby to address any issue about solar system and give its customers the peace of mind that their problems can be solved in due time.

Concerns about solar power generation system or solar installation can vary a lot for new adopters. For example, an entrepreneur may remain undecided on concern over high investment or insufficient understanding of solar system and lack of expert advice about device quality and installation. No matter what customers’ concern is, Banpu NEXT is always here to provide the answer and basic solar installation knowledge for their decision, including an overview of installation, suitable choice of solar solutions or package for customers’ business, and the advantages to enjoy from switching to solar energy. 

Banpu NEXT offers consulting and end-to-end service of solar power generation system or solar solutions by teams of experts from across relevant fields of knowledge, including R&D, engineering, and digital technology teams. They are ready to support customers in every process. After analyzing energy usage behaviors and scenarios based on site survey and evaluation provided free of charge to the customers, the information gathered is used for system design and solar panel layout planning to fit the roof structure and energy needs of each customer, which helps maximize the return on investment and enables smarter, more sustainable business growth amid intensified competition. 

After installation, Banpu NEXT continues to provide technical support to customers through its team of solar solutions system engineers who perform system inspection and maintenance for the customers at least twice a year, using thermoscan camera technology to inspect the system performance during power generation. 

Moreover, Banpu NEXT customer service team is in place to monitor the performance of installed systems in real time through the company’s control room, which ensures timely response to customers’ issues. If a customer encounters a problem or suspects any system error, such as power outage that may be a result 


of circuit error on solar panels, the company’s call center staff is available 24 hours a day to respond to an incoming requests for service and quickly coordinate with the company’s technical team to solve the problem as soon as possible.  

Banpu NEXT has also developed a mobile application that enables customers to monitor real-time electricity generation from their solar system. The application also comes with many other useful functions including cost-saving results, system failure alert, company contacts, and convenient access to news and information from the company. 

To choose a solar power generation or solar solutions, after-sales service is not any less important than the expertise of its provider. Although solar panels are known to provide full photovoltaic performance for up to 25 years, they can continue to offer as high as 80% of their original performance for years if they are consistently inspected and serviced to maintain their optimum conditions. Good maintenance and service will help extend the product life and save a great deal of maintenance costs.

At Banpu NEXT, a highly-qualified after-sales service is on standby 24 hours a day to take care of valued customers and support their business with smart energy solutions.