Transportation is an integral part of people’s everyday life and business operation of all sectors. For individual mobility needs, a lot of people prefer personal to public transport. This results in ever-growing number of vehicles on the road, and consequently problems such as heavy traffic, unpredictable public transport times, and air pollutions, including health threat from PM2.5. To businesses, these often increase their transportation cost and time spent on day-to-day transportation of goods.

With today’s technology, innovations are mushrooming and widely adopted, which inspired creation of Smart Energy Solutions to enable development that will make transportation convenient and more controllable. For example, making public transport times more predictable with real-time estimates via smartphone and electrifying the vehicles will pave way for smart mobility. By incorporating electric vehicles into tech-driven digital platforms, it is possible to develop services that enrich everyday life, minimize environmental impacts, and bring greater efficiency and convenience to public transport services.

Smart Energy Solutions are being used in various aspects of smart city, including their role to drive forward smart mobility development by making transportation better systematized, more manageable, and friendlier to the environment. A great example is seen at Banpu NEXT, the first integrated provider of electric vehicle (EV) fleet management in Thailand that has digital platforms to support organizations’ fleet management and serve mobility needs of modern-day commuters. Among its smart mobility offerings, MuvMi thrives as an electric tuk-tuk ridesharing service with full coverage of Bangkok, providing an alternative transport that costs less, does not cause air pollutions, helps ease traffic, and allows users to book and pay for the service easily via mobile application.

The company has also implemented many other initiatives that contribute to smart city development, including an EV car sharing service for customers in short-time need of a vehicle, as well as an e-Ferry service for marine tourism, which introduces a new experience of green tourism by ensuring no spill of oily refuse to the ocean, and thus more sustainable tourism development.

With sufficient progress in smart mobility development, urban mobility will be convenient and predictable, allowing people to save hours they used to spend waiting unpredictably for their public transport service to arrive. More importantly, when public transport services are quick, convenient, and easy to use, more and more people will switch to them, resulting in less road traffic and less air pollutions from exhaust emissions.

As an active enabler of smart mobility for smart city development, Banpu NEXT strives to enrich mobility experience of urban residents with convenience, saving and eco friendliness. By maximizing innovative use of technology, the company offers Smart Energy Solutions, including smart hardware and digital platforms that meet customers’ needs, which come complete with after-sales support from its team of energy technology experts and 24/7 customer care service team.