Energy checkup for business is comparable to health checkup that a person would take annually to verify normal functioning of the body and apply corrective measures to malfunctioning body systems in favor of better health and well-being. An energy checkup is therefore an important routine that every business should not overlook.

High monthly electricity bill can be burdening to businesses. This problem can stem from a variety of factors, including poor energy efficiency, incorrect or unsuitable use of electrical devices, and lack of good energy management knowledge or measures for business operation. Without identifying the causes and fixing them, a business may never be able to get rid of the problems that inhibit its profitability and growth. 

What if there is a Smart Energy Solution that helps you out? A solution that gives you the guideline for better energy saving up to 30%* cut in electricity bill and help unleash business progress for sustainable growth.



Smart Energy Consumption Analytics is a service offered as part of Smart Analytics Solution, which is one of Banpu NEXT’s Smart Energy Solutions. Taking a similar approach to energy health checkup, it monitors , analyzes and provides guidelines for energy management and improvement. Every step of the service is provided by Banpu NEXT’s team of energy technology engineers. The expert team would set up the system to measure electricity consumption and use of electrical devices within the building, and then analyze the data to identify weaknesses that can be improved.

By combining its cutting-edge technologies and proprietary platform with energy measures analysis based on customers’ energy usage behaviors, Banpu NEXT evaluates and provides detailed reporting on energy consumption of customers’ business. More importantly, the company suggests guidelines that precisely address customers’ energy weaknesses with measures for improved energy efficiency.

In addition to better and more efficient energy measures, Banpu NEXT provides expert advice on maintenance and change of electrical devices to suit better with customer’s business operations and ensure their long-lasting performance. Banpu NEXT has also designed an online platform that enables customers to manage and control their energy consumption in real-time. By performing energy checkup and following recommended guidelines, enterprises can expect better energy efficiency and sizable saving on their electricity bills. They can also have a better picture of their energy consumption with summary and analysis provided in periodical reports all year round. 

For enterprises interested in Smart Energy Consumption Analytics, Banpu NEXT is the end-to-end energy solutions provider who can help you manage your energy consumption and drive business success towards sustainable growth.

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