It is widely known that clean energy can play a key role in minimizing environmental impacts and driving economic development. However, COVID-19 and escalating effects of global warming have disrupted people’s lives, and conventional approach to clean energy may no longer be well-aligned with living, economic and global energy trends of the future. Many countries including Thailand have been working on sustainable economic recovery and climate change management plans to bring them to action. At the recent IEA-COP26 Net Zero Summit*, urgency of global warming management was emphasized along with a call for joint efforts to reduce CO2 emission and use of technologies to drive towards a carbon-free economy*. Meanwhile, industry sectors and businesses are exploring viable opportunities after suffering harsh economic impact, including solutions that would enable them to manage their business costs efficiently, especially energy cost, and reassure safety in modern-day living.


These coincide with the foresight of ‘Banpu NEXT’, a leading smart clean energy solution provider in Asia Pacific, and Banpu Group. The company has pioneered a new, more sustainable, smarter, and more integrated approach to energy with “Smart Energy Solutions”. These solutions are tipped as the key piece of jigsaw for better energy stability and efficiency. While enabling cost saving, emission cuts, and sustainable betterment of lives, they will open up new business opportunities, support future industries, and pave way for low-carbon society and smart city development.



What Are “Smart Energy Solutions”?

Based on insights into pain points of energy consumers across sectors, Banpu NEXT can foresee future energy, economic and living trends. The company has therefore introduced “Less Is More” concept to energy context for a change towards a “Greener & Smarter” approach, exploring how to make the planet, economy, business, and society happier with less energy consumption. Digital technologies are used, combining smart platform, IoT and AI with clean energy hardware to drive energy management with data and enable connected control with use of mobile application. The result is a digital platform for smart energy that provides efficient system operation, accurate data analysis and real-time monitoring. More importantly, it gives measurable and sustainable results in energy saving and CO2 reduction. Banpu NEXT’s suite of five Smart Energy Solutions is comprised of Smart Data Analytics, Smart Energy Generation, Smart Energy Storage, Smart Energy Utilization, and Smart Circular Economy.


Get to Know “5 Smart Energy Solutions”

Smart Data Analytics: As the first step into smart energy management, it plays an instrumental role in every solution. To enable smart and efficient energy management, it evaluates energy health of enterprises by monitoring and analyzing energy consumption with advanced devices. The entrepreneurs can monitor electricity utilization from anywhere at anytime, including historical data and comparison between branches, for example, to provide guidelines for the most efficient energy management and long-term saving on electricity bills. In addition, it is equipped with the capability to analyze security threats from pandemic, crime, and the environment, making it possible to tailor smart safety platform for different needs such as occupancy density monitoring, body temperature screening, non-masker detection, situation alert and notification, and air quality monitoring station, etc. to heighten the safety standards of modern living.


Smart Energy Generation: Electricity generation from renewable energy sources, especially solar energy, is widely adopted today in industrial, business, and household applications. The challenge is how to optimize electricity generation and utilization for the best cost saving. Banpu NEXT has introduced a digital platform for energy management that provides data analytics across electricity generation and utilization, resulting in power saving and reduction of CO2 emission. The platform also offers real-time monitoring of solar power system via application as well as 24/7 after-sales service and support by professionals.


Smart Energy Storage: This solution provides a smarter power storage system for numerous applications. Using a digital platform to manage electricity generation, storage, and distribution with better stability, it ensures continuity of power supply in all situations with high performance and cost-saving advantages. The solution can be adapted to various other applications, such as in “e-PromptMove”, Thailand’s first all-in-one mobile solution for clean electricity that generates, stores, and supplies electric power to electrical equipment with great freedom anywhere and anytime.


Smart Energy Utilization: Banpu NEXT combines technology, digital platform, and electric vehicles to drive smart mobility development in favor of more manageable, predictable, and eco-friendly transport services. The company is the first integrated provider of EV fleet services in Thailand that offers a digital platform for fleet management, allowing organizations to streamline their energy cost and implement a proactive maintenance plan. Moreover, it has introduced innovative mobility services to address modern lifestyles of today’s commuters with flexible, convenient, and pollution-free alternatives that are easy to use via mobile apps, such as MuvMi, EV Car Sharing service, and Thailand’s first e-Ferry for marine tourism.


Smart Circular Economy: Instead of throwing away, the solution supports proper waste management to reduce wastes that get landfilled and enable businesses to make the most out of resources while reducing their cost of waste disposal. Using a digital platform, wastes can be managed efficiently from sorting, data collection and analysis to recycling and circularity. It also allows tracking how the wastes and recycled materials are managed as well as the good they save the environment and the income in return from them.


Why Are “Smart Energy Solutions” Good to Us and Our World?

Banpu NEXT believes that Smart Energy Solutions will be instrumental to measurable reduction of CO2 emissions and pave way for economic and industrial transition to greener and smarter energy consumption. They will help entrepreneurs reduce their energy costs, raise business profile in terms of environment and build sustainable growth in line Banpu’s ESG principles. Moreover, they will support smart community and smart city development in every aspect while addressing lifestyles of modern-day consumers who care for the environment and are shifting more and more towards smart choice of eco-friendly products and services, leading to the ultimate goal of everyone—a sustainable betterment of lives.


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*Source: IEA-COP26 Net Zero Summit


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About Banpu NEXT

Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited, is a leading “Smart Energy Solutions” provider in Asia-Pacific with a vision of “Innovating Infinite Energy Solutions to All”, The company aims to create business growth in line with the future energy trends, smart city development and respond to the lifestyle of modern consumers. With customers in mind, Banpu NEXT employs human-centric and data-driven approach in combination with our energy expertise in clean energy solutions, hardware, software, and digital platforms to strengthen our business ecosystem. The company has developed “Smart Energy Solutions”, consisting of Smart Data Analytics, Smart Energy Generation, Smart Energy Storage, Smart Energy Utilization, and Smart Circular Economy, to provide smart energy management and solution systems that are reliable, cost efficient, eco-friendly and contribute to sustainable betterment of life.