While it is known to many that China and Japan are Asia’s solar pioneers, few are aware that BANPU, a leading Thai energy company, has established a strong foothold in China’s and Japan’s solar market with its solar farm operations in these two countries for more than five years. BANPU has a strategic vision to grow its alternative energy business based on “Greener & Smarter” approach. By bringing the experiences and expertise from its overseas solar farms back to Thailand through BANPU Energy Technology Business Group, the company is offering a clean energy option to companies across industries while playing its role to support Thailand’s smart city endeavour as part of the government’s Thailand 4.0 economic model.

Ms. Kanokwan Jitchobtham, Managing Director of Banpu Infinergy Company Limited, a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited (BANPU), a leading company in Asia-Pacific’s integrated energy sector, said, “Solar power is one of the most preferred alternative sources of energy, which prompted many countries around the world to invest continuously in new solar generation capacity and technologies. Based on ‘Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2018 – 2022’ report by SolarPower Europe, renewable energy has grown by more than doubling from 2007 to 2017, when its total share reached 12.1% of total global power output. Solar is the fastest growing power generation source, contributing as many as 98 GW to the combined 260 GW of net power generating capacity added in 2017 by all power generation technologies.”

BANPU’s Solar Farm Business in China and Japan

According to the “Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2018 – 2022” report, Asia-Pacific became the largest solar-powered region in the world and continued to expand its solar market leadership by adding 73.7 GW in 2017 to bring its total installed capacity to 221.3 GW, equal to a 55% global market share. China alone currently operates nearly one-third of the world’s solar power generation capacities.

“Foreseeing the growth potentials of solar farm in Asia, BANPU has begun our solar farm business in China and Japan since 2014. In China, we have a total capacity of 152 MW from six solar farms. In Japan, our total capacity from 13 solar farms has already reached 233 MW. Of these capacities, 37 MW are already in commercial operation. The setup and operation of each solar farm call for high expertise in system design and planning to optimise to its locality. Moreover, technologies are used to ensure efficient solar farm management and power generation,” Ms. Kanokwan added.

Bringing Back Experiences & Expertise to Build Solar Solution Business in Thailand

“With a vision to grow our alternative energy business based on “Greener & Smarter” strategy and to drive forward our solar power business, BANPU formed our Energy Technology Business Group in 2017 to offer solar installation service and integrated smart city solutions,” she continued.

“Energy Technology Business Group of BANPU boasts extensive expertise and technologies from BANPU’s solar farm operations in geographically diverse locations of China and Japan. By bringing this strength to our solar solution business in Thailand, we are well positioned to offer a clean energy option, providing innovative solutions with the capability to meet different energy needs of companies across industries at reasonable prices. Thanks to reliability, eco-friendliness and modern form factor of our solutions, we have already been entrusted by customers in various business and industry sectors, including hospitals, factories, hotels, department stores, marketplaces and petrol stations,” Ms. Kanokwan concluded.

Companies and business owners who are interested in solar systems and smart city solutions can learn more at www.banpuinfinergy.co.th or contact the company’s customer relations via number 02-095-6599 or email contact@banpuinfinergy.co.th