Banpu Next Company Limited is a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited, a leading integrated energy solutions company in Asia-Pacific and Banpu Power Public Company Limited with equal shareholding of 50% each. Established on 27 February 2020, BANPU NEXT is a new entity resulting from an amalgamation between Banpu Infinergy Company Limited (BPIN), an integrated provider of solar power system and smart city solutions and Banpu Renewable Energy Company Limited (BRE), a leading operator of renewable energy power plants in Asia Pacific.
As a result of amalgamation, BANPU NEXT becomes a total smart clean energy solutions provider in the Asia-Pacific while leveraging knowledge and expertise in energy technology at the international standard level from the company’s business ecosystem to meet diverse needs of all customer segments through our focus on investment and project development. The company is engaged in following businesses:

  • Renewable Energy Power Plant – BANPU NEXT invests in commercial electricity generation using renewable energy sources, with its operations comprising of solar power and wind power plants.
  • Renewable Energy Microgeneration Systems – BANPU NEXT provides solar rooftop solutions for industrial and large-size business applications, with services ranging from site survey and system design through to installation and integration to smart city solutions. All are provided by its specialized teams of engineers with cutting-edge technologies in clean energy. To maximize customer care efficiency, advanced technologies are also introduced to its 24/7 after-sales service.
  • Energy Storage System (ESS) – With a commitment to clean energy experience, BANPU NEXT has expanded its business into energy storage. The company is exploring development of solar power storage systems for numerous applications, including uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and integration to smart grid and microgrid, to help customers minimize their energy cost with efficient electricity management during on-peak times.
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) – BANPU NEXT is the first in Thailand to provide integrated electric vehicle fleet management with the concept of ‘Mobility as a Service’, offering one-stop service solutions including consultancy, evaluation of mobility needs, provision of the right vehicles to meet specific needs of each company, and after-sales support that combines advanced hardware and digital technologies for greater efficiency of its after-sales service.
  • Energy Efficiency (EE) – BANPU NEXT offers consulting service in energy management to provide energy solutions that will optimise energy efficiency of each customer company. These include evaluation and analysis to provide a guideline for lower energy cost and better energy efficiency that contribute to sustainable growth of companies. Every process of the service is provided by our team of experts in energy technology.
  • Energy Technology Accessories – BANPU NEXT offers state-of-the-art energy technology solutions for a well-developed ecosystem of clean energy and optimum energy efficiency based on individual needs of each customer organization. These accessories include Smart Pole, Solar Kiosk and EV Charging Stations.